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D-Test OMS - Europe & International Support Office Larkesholm 587 S-28692 Orkelljunga, South Sweden close to the Copenhagen Airport Mr Jannick Halben Phone : +4526121111 D-TEST (Optical Measurement Systems, LLC) is a global manufacturer and developer of custom laser and optical measurement systems. By sourcing best components from reliable suppliers in USA, South Korea, Japan and Canada our team of professionals is able to manufacture a wide range of unique systems that do not compromise quality and usability over price of production. Our products allow...

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Short-Form Catalogue Our devices are designed to measure inner geometrical dimensions of: tubes, barrels, siphon pipes, stators, bores of any shape etc. The Equipment allows to measure: • Inner Diameter • Out-of-roundness • Non-straightness (Laser bore alignment) • Deviation of surface form • Profile geometry • Rifling profile geometry, angle, deviation and wear • Condition of coatings, surface and roughness The equipment can be used to inspect objects with: • Internal diameter from 25 mm to 300 mm Custom made versions for diameters from 7 mm to 25 mm; from 300mm to 6 m; • Length up to 120...

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Video Inspection With our state of the art video inspection capabilities you can finally see each and every detail of inner surface of objects. Stock configuration of device can be retrofitted with a frontal video camera for a quick search and check of possible defects, and a side camera that allows to check found defects in detail. Frontal camera is equipped with wide angle lens and resolution of 3-5 Mpix (exact resolution can be chosen as an option). Custom software allows to output both spherical wide angle image and modified linear image. The latter provides exact dimensions of a defect...

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Custom made revisions are available on demand. Short-Form Catalogue Tube, Pipe 8t Barrel Laser Measurement System

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PROBIUS™ UNOfor smooth round pipes The instrument is designed for measuring of inner diameter (out-of-roundness) and non-straightness (warpage) of smooth round tube, barrels and bores with cylindrical form. The instrument allows to measure: • Inner diameter • Out-of-roundness • Non-straightness (warpage) • Laser bore alignment • Probe position in respect to the pipe end Operating principle In order to measure or align the pipe, a laser emitter should be placed on one end of the pipe or another object such as splined gear or motor shaft for reference. A target for the laser beam is placed on...

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Short-Form Catalogue Tube, Pipe 8t Barrel Laser Measurement Systems 1 3D laser rotating scanner; • Frontal video channel; • Side video channel for detailed inspection (integrated into the scanner module) (option); • Non-straightness (warpage) channel (option)1; • Laser distance meter which measures the distance from the probe to the pipe end to bind measured results; • Inclinometer

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PROBIUS™ unique Multipurpose custom-made systems The multipurpose instrument is designed to measure smooth and profiled pipes with various diameters, including conical and multi-conical tubes. The design of this device has been specially developed in order to cover a wide range of diameters using only one instrument. For this purpose, the centering module has been merged with the movement module and located in the center of the probe. All measuring sensors, cameras and lights are connected to the movement module. As a result, the instrument measures the whole surface of pipes from the very...

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PROBIUS™ videosimply for video inspection Stand-alone wireless instrument for video inspection of pipe inner surface and other cylindrical bores and objects. The instrument allows to perform: • Automatic video inspection of pipe inner surface; • Online HD streaming to the computer/laptop; • Surface lighting by adjustable LEDs placed under various angles; • Moving along the pipe autonomously, according to the chosen macro or manually; The instrument consists of • Stand-alone wireless autonomous probe with a frontal camera; • Detachable battery; • Battery maintenance module; • Software; •...

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Short-Form Catalogue Available options and features Non-Straightness channel - Dynamic Form Alignment The channel allows to measure non-straightness of an object (pipe) at a chosen length (several sections) or along the full length. It consists of highly stable laser source radiated the beam which specifies reference axis, the temporary laser target for rough aiming and high accuracy optical receiver integrated into the probe. By moving through the measured object, the probe copies the geometry of the object and measures at every moment of time the deviation between the reference axis and...

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Short-Form Catalogue Available options and features Centering modules The instrument can use various methods of centering depending on particular application, type of measuring object, quality and profile of surface. As a rule, the probe that measures non-straightness requires more precise centering. In this case, the system of interconnected push-out rolls (wheels) is used. The devices which do not have non-straightness channel are usually equipped with interchangeable polymer sliders that have low friction properties. Probe movement Probes can be equipped with automatic movement modules...

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D-Test OMS - Europe & International Support Office Larkesholm 587 S-28692 Orkelljunga, South Sweden close to the Copenhagen Airport Mr Jannick Halben Phone : +4526121111 Laser Metrology s.r.l. via Veneto 5 20881 BERNAREGGIO, MB, MONZA Italy Mr. Gianmarco Liotto Digital Phone +39 335 6090997 Office Phone +39 039 6093618 D-Test Russia 44/05, Malisheva 51, isotsky Business Center Yekaterinburg, Russia Mr Artem Gimadiev Phone : +73433795779

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