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Head Office lljin Bldg 3F, 42-2, Onsu-Dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea e-mail: | BEST QUALITY! BEST SERVICE! \

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Registered ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 14001:2004 WE'RE DEFINITELY SURE THAT YOU WILL GET A GREATEST SATISFACTION THROUGH BUYING OUR PRODUCTS WITH VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE STRUCTURES & HIGH QUALITY. D&A Products Guide HYDRAULIC BREAKER SHEAR / COMPACTOR Features of D&A Breaker DFS-Series Mini-Size Compactor Small-Size Medium-Size Large-Size Backhoe Loader & Skid Steers Loader CRUSHER DMC-Series FR-Series FC-Series

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@ Vertical Assembly Line @ Computerizing Breaker Test Bench 0 Auto Ultra Sonic Cleaning Machine

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THE GREAT SATISFACTION TO EVERY CUSTOMERS HYDRAULIC BREAKER CRUSHER SHEAR / COMPACTOR Features of D&A Breaker Mini-Size Small-Size Medium-Size Large-Size Backhoe Loader & Skid Steers Loader DMC-Series FR-Series FC-Series DFS-Series Compactor D and A Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 2 MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY GIVING

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SILENCED BREAKER SERIES BREAKERS OFFER > More power, more > Designed with fewer quicker, less costly Required Oil Flow j ipm(gpm) Blow Rate Overall Length Hammer Tool j mm(inch) Relief Valve Setting Pressure kg/crf(psi) Accumulator Pressure Wide Model Choice Includes Just The Right Size For Any Job Or Carrier Weight ' Above specifications are subject to change without notice. * Above specifications are provided onty for references connected with carrier machines.

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SILENCED BREAKER SERIES V-Series Hydraulic Breaker for Backhoe Loader, Excavator, Skid-Steer and Mini-Excavator * Operating weight includes standard top bracket with bracket pins, one chisel and two hydraulic

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NEW D&A HYDRAULIC BREAKER ENHANCED STRENGTH AND COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION »Underwater application • Tunneling work Noise Protectc Less noise(Silenced type) Cushion Damper Absorbs repercussion from hammering and increases carrier endurance Stroke Adjuster Main Valve Ensures higher impact power Maximize productivity from variable Internal control valve system Is more efficient by 10% to 15% than other breaker's valve, stays cooler and makes Available to install Auto-Lubrication or Rock dragger with anti-abrasion steel -Less stress to hydraulic components as absorbing pressure fluctuation...

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This function ensures less problem of the components and longer life of the hyd. Breaker. • Upper Level of Through Bolt The size of through bolt is bigger than other maker to reduce breakage and to avoid loos of tightness. Accumulator makes less stress on hydraulic components and absorbs pressure fluctuation inside • Wider Range Model Choice All silenced model ranges from small to large model • All Silenced Model Range Sound suppress brackets and devices are applied to from small models to large models. All models are developed by own technology and MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY GIVING THE GREAT...

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TOTFTEAVY INDUSTRIES BACKHOE LOADER AND SKID STEERS LOADER Easy to operate and Most suitable For Backhoe Loader, Excavator, * Above specifications are subject to change without notice. * Above specifications are subject to change without notice.

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>360° degree free rotating system by hydraulic swivel motor. > Available to cut reinforced steel structures such as H-beam or I-beam. > Designed for scrap preparation and recycling in scrap yard. • Speed up valve can be installed at option. * Above specifications are subject to change wlhout notice. SHEAR / COMPACTOR • Simple operating device • Minimum maintenance • Fast, easy installation • High impulse force • Unique designed shock absorber • Auto oil flow & pressure control valve installed • Easy work at various compaction job sites with 360° of Hydraulic Rotator. (R-type) • Damage free...

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MULTI- FUNCTION CRUSHER DMC is a versatile Crusher for Primary, Secondary Demolition for Concrete & Shearing for scrap steels »Shearing for steel, Pulverizing, Crushing for Concrete »360° Hydraulic Rotation System »Auto Clearance Control »Reversible & Exchangeable Blade with 4 edges »Speed up valve can be installed at option. Multi- Function Crusher * Above specif cations are subject to change without notice.

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CONCRETE CRUSHER FR/FC Series Multi Rotating Crusher (Primary + Secondary Job) »360° rotation device makes the job convenient and more efficient. »Outstanding design allows the primary and secondary demolition work at same time. »High performance and easy pulverization in narrow space. • Longer durability with Hardox steel. »Speed up valve can be installed at *FR(Hydraulic Rotating): Flow(40~60 l/min)Max pressure: 140 kg/cn »Hard face welding ensures long durability and low maintenance cost. • Various and many teeth perform perfect pulverization and low transportation cost. • Outstanding...

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