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The great feeling of safety Electric drive solutions for smoke vent and natural ventilation Powering your ideas!

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1 Smoke and heat ventilation: What is that? Smoke and heat ventilation saves people's lives A building is on fire. People are running around. First and foremost it is a matter of saving lives and preventing material damage. To achieve this, smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (SHEV) are a vital part of the standard safety equipment in a fire-protection system. Efficient smoke and heat ventilation keeps the escape routes clear and major damage can be prevented. Smoke and fire gases are responsible for approx. 90% of fire victims. Furthermore, in many cases smoke and fire gases cause serious...

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makes escape routes impassable. Please bear in mind... is one of mankind's elementary basic needs – no matter where we live or what life situation we find ourselves in. The most important factors D+H drives ensure that windows for smoke ventilation are opened quickly and reliably when designing a smoke ventilation system are that it functions reliably and activates rapidly. As a result, people can be safely evacuated and lives can be saved. Mechatronic is your reliable partner for efficient smoke ventilation. With a wide range of drives, control systems and other equipment, D+H...

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2 Smoke and heat ventilation: Application and function It must always work quickly and effectively That is the formula to which efficient smoke ventilation can be reduced. And towards which we have been working for over 40 years. Our technology immediately detects any smoke developing by means of SHEV compact control panel with integrated smoke exhaust and ventilation button Product: SHEV controls RZN 4503-T Application: for example, stairwells in buildings Control elements Product: RT 45 / RT 45 - LT Button with optionally integrated ventilation function Application: for example,...

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SHEV System Automatic fire alarm SHEV drives Optical smoke alarms using the diffused light principle for automatic SHEV activation in case of fire smoke. Also available as a thermo-differential alarm. Electromotive chain and rack and pinion drives for opening windows and vents in the event of fire as well as for daily ventilation. Smoke vent button Electric manual control device for triggering the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation by hand. Operating and alarm statuses shown by LED indicators. Alarms Fire bell, alarm siren or flashing light for raising the alarm acoustically and optically...

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3 EN 12101-2 The European standard for safety Complete system solutions EN 12101-2, as a requirement and test method for natural smoke ventilation, describes a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (NSHEV). This complete system solution consists of a window or domelight and an electromechanical drive. To provide the people residing in buildings day after day with the highest possible level of safety, make sure that the appliances for smoke and heat ventilation comply with this standard. As a pioneer, D+H has entered into cooperations with various system vendors. We offer a wide...

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T ER ■ any types of drives can be used M ■ arge vent sizes and weights L possible ■ ery good aerodynamic values V For more information about complete EURO-SHEV system solutions, visit our website: IFIZIERT H D+ EU R SH EV -2 EN 12101 D CERTIFIE EU H RO The International Standard Organization (ISO) has adopted all the requirements for natural smoke ventilation from EN 12101-2. Wherever you are in the world, you have the ultimate safety with the D+H product in accordance with the European EN 12101-2. EURO-SHEV: great choice and flexibility ■ Complete...

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The great feeling of safety - 8

4 LSC – Lift Smoke Control The lift shaft as a reliable energy saver Saving energy with safety? If you ask us, we cannot imagine it any other way. In order to supply lift shafts with fresh air and to ensure that smoke escapes unhindered in the event of a fire, until now lift shafts have been fitted with permanent vents in the shaft head. These permanent vents represent a hole in a building’s heat insulation. The result: rising air in the shaft, caused by the thermal effect (chimney effect), draws the building's warm air from the floors and rooms into the shaft through the gaps in the shaft...

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LSC – “Lift Smoke Control” prevents unnecessary energy loss by electrically closing the shaft opening. This stops air escaping from the building uncontrollably. Your benefits at a glance ■ Low heat energy costs ■ Safe evacuation in the event of fire thanks to intelligent control system Would you like to know how you can save energy? Then use the energy calculator on our website: Lift Smoke Control LSC-Premium 4 6 Functional principle LSC 2 System components 1 1 Control station LSC-Premium 2 Smoke extraction system integrated in LSC-Premium 3 Extractor pipe 4 Filter...

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5 Natural ventilation – What is that? You create the climate! People from all continents have one thing in common – a distinct need for fresh air, natural light and comfortable temperatures. In many modern buildings, however, these needs can no longer be adequately fulfilled. This is often due to building shells that prevent a natural exchange of air from taking place. Additional factors include increased thermal loads caused by generous glazed areas and modern office equipment. One efficient solution lies in the principle of natural ventilation. It describes the exchange of air in...

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Ventilation control module Wind/ rain transmitter Weather-dependent ventilation control system. In the event of rain or wind, the windows are automatically closed. Room temperature control Automatic ventilation dependent on the room temperature. Chain drives Electromotive chain drives for opening roof and facade windows to provide natural ventilation. Ventilation control module The VCM 1004 control module is suitable for daily ventilation and can control up to 4 groups simultaneously. For each individual group, there is an option of connecting window openers, shutter drives or electric...

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