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X-ray Inspection Systems AD-4991 Series

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X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM AD-4991NSPECTION SIMPLIFIED A&D Company, Ltd. Discover Precision www.aandd.jp

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Why X-ray? A proper HACCP program will help prevent contamination as long as the technology and processes are suitable for the application. At A&D we are committed to providing a consultative approach to help our customers enjoy full benefit from the technologies that we have worked diligently to produce. Our systems protect brand image and allow companies to expand their future business because of our reliability, ease of operation, and serviceability. Cutting Edge Inspection A&D Inspection offers cutting edge X-ray inspection systems to assist food packaging and pharmaceutical companies...

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Compact Compact Most Compact System on the Market ● The size of 575mm width and 800mm length makes integration painless whether it be an existing line or new production line. Touchscreen Touchscreen 15’ Color Touchscreen for Easy Operation ● Simple GUI for Operators of all types. ● Easy to discern good products from bad products. operation operation Easy Product Setup ● Setting up a new product requires three passes through the machine. ● Inspection thresholds will automatically be configured based on the sample that was registered, making product setup foolproof.  products  products ●...

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X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM Foreign Matter Detection Precise detection of the smallest of foreign contaminants. Types of contaminants X-ray can detect. ● Metal ● Non-ferrous metals in foil, including stainless steel ● Glass ● Bone (calcified) ● PVC plastic ● TFE (Teflon) plastic ● Ceramic or concrete ● Flavor/sugar clumps Shape Detection Check for product uniformity and flaws, such as cracks or chips. Example of a cracked product

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X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM Mass Estimation Estimate the weight of a product to determine if it meets desired weight parameters. The X-ray machine measures the product density to determine the approximate mass of a product. Piece Counting and Positioning Search for missing items within a package and verify proper positioning. Example of a missing piece Example of misplaced product

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X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM Masking Function Confirm product integrity and reduce the number of false rejections. Example of masking the edge of product. Example of masking non-inspection area. Example of masking the clipped area. A&D X-ray systems feature advanced inspection algorithms to tackle the toughest of applications.

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Sloped surfaces are designed to minimize water collection and maximize cleanability. Quick release belt designed for easy Quick release curtains allows for easy cleaning and replacement.    cleaning and replacement. Safety sensors are embedded at access    Machine Faults are visually displayed points to provide additional safety.    allowing operators to quickly fix and resume operation. Basic X-ray Principles Cannot Be Detected Hair, Paper, Cloth, Vinyl, Insects, Wood Chip, Cartilage *Things that float in water cannot be detected Metal Detector- Plastic Hardbone Glass SUS Wire, Stone SUS...

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^1 The cable doesn't come as standard. ^2 The maximum power consumption when a rejector is connected. ^3 8points can be added with an option. Discover Precision A&D Company, Ltd. 3-23-14 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan Tel: +81 3-5391-6132 Fax: +81 3-5391-1566 http://www.aandd.jp A&D Engineering, Inc. 1756 Automation Parkway, San Jose, CA 95131, U.S.A. Tel: +1 408-263-5333 Fax: +1 408-263-0119 A&D Australasia Pty Ltd. 32 Dew Street, Thebarton, South Australia 5031, Australia Tel: +61 8-8301-8100 Fax: +61 8-8352-7409 A&D Instruments Ltd. Unit 24/26 Blacklands Way,...

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