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Universal Testing Machine RTG series - 8 Pages

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Universal Testing Machine RTG series

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Universal Material Testing Machine RTG Series • Class 1 accuracy testing machine • Highly accurate measurement control technology enabling sensor and machine connection • Rated output accuracy of up to 1/500 guaranteed .deafly a Better Value A&D Company, Limited

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A&D’s Universal Material Testing Machine TENSILON, which was developed using our superior knowledge of force sensor and measurement control technology, enables connection between sensors and machines. Our strength in this field is well-known and A&D has gained worldwide recognition from a range of businesses and laboratories. We are very proud of our sensors, which are built to industry standard specifications. They are used not only for electronic balances, plant equipment and engine testing systems but also for use in national standard instalments. Our measurement control system at the...

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User interface The color touch panel offers superb visibility and easier operation Color display (data): The touch panel displays digital values as well as stress and strain curves. (Operation buttons): These buttons are highlighted in color and with symbols for easy recognition and to prevent errors during operation. (Setting items): Input columns and verification of conditions are easily distinguishable with background colors to prevent errors during operation. (Option items): Pull-down menu options in the same format as Windows (j v|). Analog record: Usable with an XY analog recorder or...

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User interface (Multi Signal Analysis Testing) Data processing software for comprehensive control of a testing machine The MSAT series is equipped with functions for not only testing machine operation but also data analysis, calculation and data storage for each testing mode. The operator can select Standard test (tensile, compression and bending) mode, Peeling test mode, Cycle test mode, Creep test mode, Stress relaxation test mode, etc., depending on the purpose of the test. Measurement conditions file: Each measurement conditions file can be managed as an independent file using Windows...

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User interface KTG series with user interface for advanced operation Display Detachable digital display for load and displacement indication. This display can be attached with magnets to any part of the machine and it does not obstruct the user when fixing a sample to the jig or testing a sample as its position can be freely adjusted. Load 6-digit indication The indication unit will be automatically selected from kN, N, mN or nN. Displacement 1/1000 display at minimum Fixing method The detachable display offers a more organized and efficient workspace. Commander The commander’s manual...

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Applied test jigs for strength measurement Screw action jaws Applicable load: IN (lOOgf) - 5kN (500kgf) These are screw action jaws, which are tightened by hand and suitable for use with low or mid-capacity tests. Various types of jaw faces are available depending on the size and shape of the test sample. Applicable load: 50N (5kgf) - 10kN (Itf) These are screw action jaws suitable for use with low or mid-capacity tests. Various types of jaw faces are available depending on the size and shape of the test sample. The t»e cord air jaws specifically used for cords or threads are...

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Operation unit A&D has received uniaxial testing machine calibration accreditation A&D Company Limited was assessed by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation to meet the requirements of the measurement law. relevant regulations and JIS17025 (ISO/1EC17025 compliant) and received calibration accreditation with regard to uniaxial testing machines. This allows us to issue certificates of calibration with the official accreditation symbol of Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS). which ensures conformity with the requirements of the measurement law, with regard to uniaxial testing...

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