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Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer/SV-A - 6 Pages

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Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer/SV-A

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How This Unique Method Brings New Possibilities To Your Research Quick? Precise? Easy to use? A&D’s highly sensitive, tuning fork vibro viscometer*, the SV-A series, not only satisfies these basic requirements to unprecedented levels, but does more by offering you a number of possibilities that are unachievable with conventional viscometers. * Patented • • • • • • • • It is possible to perform viscosity measurements •••• with a sample liquid as small as 2 ml (SV-1A). • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Titanium Sensor Plates and Temperature Sensor The sensors are made of titanium, which is...

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Simultaneous Measurements of Temperature and Viscosity It is widely known that viscosity is very temperature dependent (–2% to –10%/°C). The SV-A series has a temperature sensor (0 to 160°C range) right next to the viscosity sensor plates, enabling users to easily monitor the relationship between viscosity and temperature. Sample Temperature Control A water jacket is provided as standard to be used in conjunction with a commercially available constant heat water tank to heat the circulating system. This ensures that the sample remains at a constant temperature and that the temperature can...

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How the Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometer Works Spring Plate Two thin sensor plates in a tuning fork arrangement are driven with electromagnetic force to vibrate at their natural (resonant) frequency of 30 Hz within the sample fluid. Viscosity is then calculated based on the proportional relationship between the viscous resistance of the sample fluid and the amount of electric current required to drive and maintain the sensor plates at a constant vibration amplitude. Displacement Sensor Electromagnetic Drive Temperature Sensor Sensor Plate Vibration The above method is recognized as a Japan...

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Portable Sensor Unit The sensor unit can be detached to perform measurements on location at a manufacturing factory, field research, etc. A portable carrying case is also provided as standard. Standard Cup Set for SV-1A (AX-SV-55) Sample cup: 45 ml, Polycarbonate × 5 2 ml, with lid, Polycarbonate × 10 2 ml, Glass × 10 2 ml sample cup holder, Polycarbonate: Transparent × 3 Black × 2 2 ml sample cup stand × 1 Water jacket × 1 Standard Cup Set for SV-10A/100A (AX-SV-54) Sample cup: 45 ml, Polycarbonate × 5 10 ml, with cover, Polycarbonate × 5 13 ml, Glass × 2 Glass sample cup holder, Stainless...

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Measurement Method Tuning Fork Vibro Method (Natural Frequency at 30Hz) Viscosity Measurement Unit Viscosity Measurement Range 1% of the measured value (Standard deviation, 20 to 30°C, No condensation) Minimum Sample Amount Temperature Measurement Power Supply External Dimensions / Mass Standard Accessories Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Main Unit: 112 (W)xl32 (D)x291(H) mm / Approx. 0.8 kg Display Unit: 238 (W)xl32 (D)xl70(H) mm / Approx. 1.3 kg Stand for Securing the Sensor Unit, X-Y-Z Stage, Cup Set Software Set (including a Serial-USB Converter) AC Adaptor, Connection Cable (1.5 m),...

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