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SJ-WP/SJ-WP-BT Series of Waterproof Checkweighing Scales - 6 Pages

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SJ-WP/SJ-WP-BT Series of Waterproof Checkweighing Scales

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Waterproof Checkweighing Scales Discover Precision

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Reduce Overfilled Packs and Increase Packing Speed Fresh produce relies heavily on manual packing processes, often utilizing casual labor to pack into punnets/boxes/bags ready for supermarket consumers. On top of the labor cost, the cost of extra produce given away in overfilled packs can add up to thousands of dollars per week if unchecked. The SJ-WP/SJ-WP-BT series offers a simple solution, utilizing programmable high speed traffic (or comparator*1) lights rather than focusing on a numeric weight display. *1 Function to indicate whether the measured weight is within the designated limits...

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IP67 dust and waterproof *4 construction In addition to packaging fruits and vegetables, the SJ-WP/SJ-WP-BT series is also ideal for weighing wet objects (e.g. sh) or ne powders that easily scatter (e.g. our). After use, residues can be rinsed with water quickly to keep the scale always clean and hygienic. For thorough washing, you can strip down the scale by removing (1) the weighing pan with the stainless steel (SUS304) cover and (2) pan support with transparent overhanging shield panels, and then (3) soak the scale directly in water with pH-neutral detergent. (1) *4 Permits no inltration...

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Realizing Data Communication While Maintaining the IP67 Dust & Waterproofing The SJ-WP-BT series, with Bluetooth® compatibility, can either communicate with a PC via the AD-8541-PC wireless communication interface for PC or send weighing data to the AD-8931 wireless remote display (both sold separately),*6 requiring no cable connection and thus not compromising its protection against dust or water. The maximum when there *6 obstacle such as communication range is 10 mbe paired withis no a wall. The SJ-WP-BT series can only one of these devices. SJ-WP-BT series The AD-8541-PC enables a PC...

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*i When the scale transmits weighing data at 10 times / second *ii For other units of measure, ► is displayed. ^iii Four AAA alkaline batteries at 25 °C

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>f«i Factory setting >f«ii Six D alkaline batteries at 20 °C Discover Precision A&D Company, Ltd. 3-23-14 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, 170-0013, Japan Tel: +81 3-5391-6132 Fax: +81 3-5391-1566 A&D Engineering, Inc. 1756 Automation Parkway, San Jose, CA 95131, U.S.A. Tel: +1 408-263-5333 Fax: +1 408-263-0119 A&D Australasia Pty Ltd. 32 Dew Street, Thebarton, South Australia 5031, Australia Tel: +61 8-8301-8100 Fax: +61 8-8352-7409 A&D Instruments Ltd. Unit 24/26 Blacklands Way, Abingdon Business Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1DY, United Kingdom Tel: +44 1235-550420...

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