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RTS-E2 Proffessional-use torque meter with high accuracy - 8 Pages

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RTS-E2 Proffessional-use torque meter with high accuracy

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High teChnOlOgy SUPPOrt Model Based Simulation Rotation Torque Sensor rque sensor featuring 1 /3000 high resolution and robust construction rectly attachable to either the engine axle or CVJ al torque measurement using component force measurement Double range with high accuracy (without degrading the total accuracy) uble range : Total accuracy of 1 /3000 is guaranteed at 1 /5 of full scale Energy Flow Model for the Torque Demand Concept Measurable range with RTS Shaft Bearing ...Clearly a Better Value

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The RTS is a shaft torque sensor with distributed force detection, created from A&D's DSP techno The RTS enables simultaneous, non-contact measurement of torque, thrust, and radial forces. It can measure and display high-speed, detailed phenomenon 10 times faster and at 10 times the Features of distributed force measurement technology •With conventiona torque sensors and component force meters, there is a bridge circuit made up of 4 strain gauges for each torque or component force. However, the RTS utilizes a distributed force system that evenly distributes 4 dedicated element strain gauges...

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Rotation Torque Sensor logy and high-speed telemetry technology. resolution of a conventional sensor. High technology supports >RTS torque sensor evaluation Example of torque meter features ■Cycle test This test loads positive and negative torque continuously. This is the most difficult evaluation method for torque meters. The RTS Torque cycle test ■Weight-type torque calibration test By installing the torque sensor directly to the calibration arm, there is no need for error-causing intermediate bearings. Thus, highly accurate calibration is possible. The RTS has enough stiffness to endure...

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The RTS sensor is designed to withstand harsh conditions of torsion stiffness, torsion angle and Even in configurations demanding radial and thrust load conditions, each component moment •Engine bench testing example Torque generated from combustion pressure reaches torque several times higher than the engine's nominal torque. The RTS sensor, with its high accuracy, wide dynamic range, and high response time, enables to analyze the behavior of generated torque and combustion pressure in a multi cylinder engine. MB SifTl Model Based Calibration Bench EasyDoE / ORION / iTEST Engine test bench...

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maximum bending moment. is accurately and separately measured. High technology supports Rotation Torque Sensor ►Power train testing example For transaxle testing, there are two measurement methods. One is using a real engine for the driving force, and the other is using a hypothetical engine [motor driven). Testing these requires a wide dynamic range of load torque for the output shaft because there is high load during ignition and extremely low load during coasting. To address errors caused by intermediate bearings, a torque sensor that is directly connectable to the input and output shaft...

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Torque sensor specification of RTS-E/E2 series

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Rotation Torque Sensor_ High technology supports Selection guide for RTS series (options) In addition, for your convenience, we offer a double range type with guaranteed 1/3000 resolution operating simultaneously at 1/5 of full scale. Note : For instant torque measurements, the expected maximum torque value must be within the RTS measurable range. The allowable overload range does not indicate an accuracy guarantee for values exceeding the measurable range.

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High technology supports Rotation Torque Sensor ►RTS-E/E2/S series torque sensor chart H-shaping distance pieces (optional) H-3haoins distance .-i H-shaping distance Diece-A oiece-B H-shaping distance pieces are sometimes necessary for taking highly accurate measurements. A&D can manufacture custom designs according to customer requirements. "lAVis an abbreviation of IAV GmbH. MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow are registered trademarks of The MathWorks. Inc. Safety Warning! ►Please read the instruction manuals carefully before use. '...Clearly a Better Value A&D Company, Limited A&D Instruments,...

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