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PFS Plate Force Sensor

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Plate Force Measurement System Plate Force Gauge Sensors and gauges measure the reactive force from the road surface in 6 dimensions at high speed and high accuracy. Measures force generated by tires as road surface reaction force directly and at high accuracy, which is not possible with the Wheel Force System (WFS). Measurement of Road Surface Reaction Force for a Real Vehicle Traveling locus 6-Component Force Measurement Calculation of Tire Force Point P (Traveling Locus) M=P×F ... Cross product ... Traveling locus ... Scrub radius Tire force point Rotation center Tangential and lateral force Traveling locus Torque steer Moment Data Tangential force Lateral force 1st Data 2nd Data Plate Force Data Y-direction (lateral direction)(mm) Tangential force Lateral force Radial force Tangential and lateral force (N) Traveling locus and torque steer analysis results for front wheel vehicle in creep mode Force Data Camber Toe-in Scrub radius Torque steer Scrub radius Front wheel vehicle in creep mode 6-component force measurement data Alignment variation Virtual king pin (swivel axis) Origin point ... Torque steer Scrub Radius (Torque Steer) Analysis MS = Mz - P × F Tire force point 1st MzT Torque Steer 2nd MzT Torque Steer −200 X-direction (traveling direction)(mm) Measurement of Reactive Force in Simulated Driving Wind Air resistance / Lifting power / Lateral force / Pitch / Roll / Yaw Center of wind force

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