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MPA/MPB series of electronic pipettes - 12 Pages

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MPA/MPB series of electronic pipettes

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Outperforming Manual Pipettes with Comfort, Ease & Accuracy! Discover Precision

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If you still think manual pipettes are good enough, it's time to THINK AGAIN Chances are you are making many sacrifices continuing to use manual pipettes, which are fraught with various problems including variation in accuracy among individuals, troublesome and time-consuming operation, risk of causing repetitive strain injuries (RSI), etc. With A&D's MPA/MPB series, you can free yourself and your staff from all these problems—at minimum cost! Accuracy/repeatability not dependent on human factors Automatic, electronically-controlled aspirating and dispensing ensure uniform and...

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The uniquely located operation key of the MEA/MPB series enables you to control the plunger by lightly pulling the forefinger (like a trigger), while maintaining all fingers in a natural, effortless grip. No longer will hours or days of pipetting make you feel any pain in your thumb.*1 *1 Our experiment verified that near zero fatigue is generated after more than 3,000 repeated pipettings over a 5 hour period. MPA/MPB operation Apart from standard automatic aspirating and dispensing (AUTO mode), the following functions help to greatly reduce time, stress and error associated with some...

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Single channel Multiple channels The MPB series of multiple channel electronic pipettes makes dispensing into microplate wells extremely quick, especially when used in multiple dispensing (MD) mode.

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5 aspirating/dispensing speeds The aspirating and dispensing speeds can be set to five different levels each to suit the sample characteristics and ensure accuracy. In general, slowing aspirating/ dispensing leads to greater accuracy, albeit less efficient. Battery indicator Battery level is indicated to inform the user of the remaining amount of charge. Operation mode display It is quick and easy to change the pipetting mode and settings. Blowout function The blowout is one final push in dispensing that expels the liquid remaining in the end of the tip by temporarily lowering the piston...

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Easy calibration (adjustment) with the User CAL function4 You may utilize a third-party calibration service once a year (or even twice a year, depending on your workplace policies). However, imagine what would happen to a year's worth of data if an annual calibration revealed that you might have been using inaccurate pipettes all along. With the MPA/MPB series, you can easily perform calibration and make necessary corrections for dispensing volumes at your own location whenever needed.*3*4    ♦Patented This function also corrects for possible errors arising from differences in tip...

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Preventing damage from falls Did you know that one of the most common repairs of electronic pipettes is for a broken LCD or electronic component due to dropping? With padding set on the four corners of the head4, the MPA/MPB series is designed to be protected from drop impacts to the highest degree.    ♦Patented Easily replaceable lower part When damaged or contaminated, the lower part of the MPA/MPB series—including the tip holder(s) and piston(s)—can be quickly removed and swapped to a new one. Further, the lower part of the MPA series can also be autoclaved (121 °C, 2 atm, 20 min)...

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AX-GL glass tips and AX-ADP silicon adapters (optional for the MPA-200/1200 and MPA-10000) For certain kinds of research (such as the analysis of endocrine disruptors), standard pipette tips made of polypropylene are inadequate since chemical substances may be eluted from them. In such cases, glass tips (made of borosilicate glass type 1 and resistant to organic solvents and acidic liquids*7) are available for use with the MPA-200/1200 and MPA-10000. These tips combined with electronic pipettes make aspiration much quicker, safer and more precise than volumetric/graduated pipettes. They are...

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Long-lasting, lithium-ion rechargeable battery The MPA/MPB series receives power supply from either the provided AC adapter or lithium-ion rechargeable battery. In standard (AUTO) mode with maximum aspirating and dispensing speeds, 1,800 pipettings is guaranteed on a full charge for the MPA series and 800 for the MPB series. The total charging time is approx. 5 hours, but you can also use the pipette while charging the battery at the same time via USB connection. Charger hanger/stands (sold separately) Besides the USB power connecter, the MPA/MPB series is equipped with electrode terminals...

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AX-CART-10/20--------Tip cartridge (96 sterile tips    x 10 sets) for the MPA-10/20 AX-CART-200----------Tip cartridge (96 sterile tips    * 10 sets) for the MPA-200 and MPB-200-8 AX-CART-1200---------Tip cartridge (96 sterile tips    x 10 sets) for the MPA-1200*12 AX-CART-1200-8------Tip cartridge (96 sterile tips    x 10 sets) for the MPB-1200-8 AX-BULK-10ML-B —- Bagged tips (200 tips x l bag) for the MPA-10000 AX-BOXT-IOML-B — Racked tips (25 tips x l rack) for the MPA-10000 AX-BOXT-IOML-BS — Racked sterile tips (25 sterile tips x l rack) for the MPA-10000 *11 Tips are not included. *12...

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AX-PAD-MPA--------Pipette elbow cushion (NBR & polyurethane, 4 sheets x 1 set) AX-HOLDER-SET — Sample cup holder set (Silicon rubber with anti-static treatment, large/medium/small * 1 set) AX-BAT-MPA--------Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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Operation mode Maximum number of multiple dispensings Program memory Standard (AUTO) mode. Multiple dispensing (MD) mode. Mixing (MIX) mode, Dispensing and mixing (AUTO + MIX) mode. Sequential aspirating (SA) mode, Sequential dispensing (SD) mode, System setting (SYS) mode Aspirating/dispensing speed Maximum number of pipettings on a full charge Charging time Pipette drive method Approx. 5 hours /100% High precision stepping motor Power saving function Automatic power off after 10 minutes of inactivity AC adapter Autoclave treatment Operating environment Input: AC 100 to 240V, Output: DC 5V...

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