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Moisture Analyzer/M series


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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 1

Moisture Analyzers Moisture Analyzers Test with The BEST -Quick, Safe and Accurate Discover Precision

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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 2

Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology Straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating High repeatability With Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) featured as the weight sensor, ultra accurate moisture content determination is possible based on high precision weighing of even a small sample Low moisture content measurement MS-70 measures the moisture content at 0.001% resolution suitable for low moisture content samples as well as Karl Fischer method, yet requires no...

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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 3

Select the best moisture analyzer for your application -Test with The Best /////// Progress window for heating check Heating process can be checked through translucent window Self Check function Defect check function is available along with temperature control Quick Reference Card A convenient operating guide is installed at the bottom of the analyzer RS-232C Interface Bi-directional communication with a PC or connects directly to a printer Conformity to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO with date/time, ID, calibration data and check record outputs Data output for daily record management

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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 4

WinCT-Moisture With our WinCT–Moisture software, data measured by the Moisture Analyzers can be easily displayed on your computer. Effective for determining measurement conditions such as heating temperature, and useful in reducing the time needed for measurement and improving accuracy. Moisture rate Change in moisture rate Displays moisture rate changes over time in a graph (RsFig) Displays changes in moisture rate in real time Measures moisture rate in a minimum time with excellent accuracy Heats at the highest temperature without changing the physical properties of the sample and provides...

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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 5

■-MoistureMeasurement exampleWinCT-Moisture consists of RsTemp software to determine the heating temperature and RsFig software for graphics. Soybean flour Sodium tartrate dihydrate 2. Example of measurement using RsFig graphic software Can show moisture rate against time when the heating temperature is changed as well as showing the results of repeated measurements at a certain temperature. From the graph, the highest possible heating range for the sample and the quickest measuring time can be determined. f — — Comparison between MS-70 and the KF (Karl Fischer) methodExample of PET plastic...

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Moisture Analyzer/M series - 6

Measurement method Specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice. Compact printer Disposable aluminum pan (100 pcs) Sample pan (085mm x 100 pcs) Glass fiber sheet (070mm x 100 sheets) Glass fiber sheet (078mm x 100 sheets) Test sample (Sodium tartrate dihydrate. 30g x 12 pcs) Halogen lamp for AC100V to 120V Halogen lamp for AC200V to 240V Pan handle (2 pcs) Tweezers (2 pcs) Spoon (2 pcs) Display cover (5 pcs) Dust cover RS-232C cable (2m, 25-9pins) Calibration mass (20g, equivalent to OIML class F1) WinCT-Moisture (CD-ROM, application software for Windows) Certified...

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