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MC Series of Mass Comparators (Precision Balances with Extended Resolution) - 4 Pages

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MC Series of Mass Comparators (Precision Balances with Extended Resolution)

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Mass Comparators ...Clearly a Better Value

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Revealed — Here Are What A&D Use To Manage Their Masses! It’s not easy to find high performance, quality mass comparators that meet your budget, is it? Discover how A&D, an ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratory as well as being a weighing equipment manufacturer, can finally solve such problems for you —. 1. Enhanced stabilizing filter High resolution balances like the MC series can respond to even the slightest environmental disturbances. For smooth and accurate mass comparison, the MC series is equipped with a special stabilizing function that copes with the effect of drafts or...

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Nominal value * Please refer to the BM series of micro analytical balances for the BM-20, BM-252 and BM-500. Wait, there is more! If you are in the industrial sector, how about using the MC series as Precision Balances With Extended Resolution The MC series displays the weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of the same capacity. Such extended resolution enables measurements of minute weight changes with heavy objects or containers. Example applications include: Resist inks on flat panels (glass) Coating materials on silicon wafers Moisture contents of...

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Weighing capacity Operating environment Display refresh rate Display mode * 3 Sensitivity drift (10 to 30°C / 50 to 86°F) Accuracy immediately after internal calibration * 2 Minimum weighing value Repeatability (standard Gram, kilogram (for MC-100KS only), ounce, pound, pound-ounce, troy ounce, metric carat, momme, pennyweight, grain, counting mode, percent mode, density mode, and a user-programmable unit Standard interface Weighing pan size External dimensions Cable length: 3 m Approx. 4.6 kg Approx. 18 kg Approx. 15 VA (supplied to the AC adapter) Approx. 11 VA (supplied to the AC...

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