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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 1

For Mass, Volume, Viscosity, and Moisture Content Management

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 2

Micro Analytical Balances BM Series For sample preparation in elemental analysis/mass spectrometry, measurement of environmental pollutants, pharmaceuticals, food additives, etc. n Minimum weighing value from 1 µg (1/1,000,000 of 1 g) n Smooth, instantaneous elimination of static using a built-in fanless ionizer to ensure stable weighing n Expert assessment of the installation environment using the AND-MEET* available * Patent pending Weighing capacity: 22 g to 520 g Min. weighing value: 1 µg to 0.1 mg Neutralizing chamber e green LED is lit while the izer is on. Separation plate...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 3

Standard accessories Special pans/holder (for the BM-20/22) Aluminum analytical pans Weighing pans for PM filters Microcentrifuge tube holder Slide Breeze Break (for the BM-20/22) n Reduces the effects of drafts and convection flows inside the weighing chamber for stable weighing Weighing Data Logger n Stores up to 5,000 weighing results with time and date Anti-vibration table for balances n Isolates a highly sensitive analytical balance from minute vibrations that seriously affect the stability of weighing Tabletop Breeze Break

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 4

■ Simultaneously logs temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and vibration with weighing data from a balance/scale ■ Large memory capacity of 10,000 data sets ■ Instant data saving to a PC requiring no special software Air Flow Logger AD-1641 For constant monitoring of the wind speed of a containment enclosure, managing the environmental factors that affect the stability of a microbalance, etc. ■ Precisely captures low-velocity air flows of 0 to 1.00 m/s - together with temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and vibration ■ Alarm for abnormal values (comparator function)

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 5

Weighing Environment Analyzer For SOP-based management of balance quality and performance n Easy operation by following step-by-step guidance on a color touch-panel screen n Daily balance check to confirm that the balance meets proper conditions for use n Periodic balance check including tests for repeatability, accuracy/linearity, and eccentricity error Daily balance check Periodic balance check n Uncertainty calculation of balance calibration based on seven uncertainty components n Minimum weight calculation according to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard Uncertainty...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 6

Mass Comparators Series For measurements of fine weight changes with heavy tare weights, such as fill level of gas, in addition to use as mass comparators ■ Stabilizing filter to minimize errors due to drafts or vibrations ■ Auto-centering pan that automatically corrects eccentric Weighing capacity: 1100 g to 101 kg loadings available for MC-1000/6100/10K/30K    Min. weighing value: 0.0001 g to 0.1 g Micro Analytical Weighing Sensors AD-4212D Series For analytical weighing inside glove boxes, fume hoods, etc. ■ Easily withstands the vacuum state during gas displacement as the sensor is...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 7

Tuning Fork Vibro Rheometer For easy characterization of non-Newtonian fluids n Quick stability (20 seconds) and high repeatability (1% of the measured value by the standard deviation) with low viscosity fluids n Automatic shear rate changes (by altering the amplitude) and data graphing n Minimum interference to the sample and its physical structure n Easy maintenance and calibration n Wide continuous measurement range (max. 0.3 to 25,000 mPa s) 0.07 mm ≤ amplitude < 0.1 mm 0.1 mm ≤ amplitude < 0.2 mm Measurable viscosity range n Accurate, concurrent measurements of temperature and...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 8

Tuning Fork Vibro Viscometers For quick and repeatable measurements from very low to high viscosity Cloud point measurement of detergent Measurement range: 0.3 to 10,000 mPa·s / 1 to 100 Pa·s n Simultaneous, real-time measurement and graphing of temperature and viscosity changes n Required sample quantity from as small as 2 ml (SV-1A) Moisture Analyzers MS-70/MX-50/MF-50/ML-50 For highly reliable measurement of moisture content that is safe, rapid and easy to perform n Low moisture content measurement at 10 ppm (0.001%) resolution (MS-70) n Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 9

Special Software "WinCT-Moisture" (Standard with MS-70 and MX-50) RsFig (Corn starch) RsTemp (Soybean flour) n Displays moisture rate changes over time in a graph (RsFig) n Quickly and automatically suggests the most suitable heating conditions for first-time samples (RsTemp) Single Channel Electronic Pipettes For accurate, efficient pipetting with minimal stress on hands n Automatic control ensuring accuracy for everyone at all times n Stress-minimized, pain-free operation using the forefinger n Various useful pipetting functions, including multiple dispensing and mixing Impact-absorbing...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 10

Pipette Accuracy Testers AD-4212B-PT/AD-4212A-PT FX-300i-PT For in-house management and recording of pipette accuracy Min. weighing value: From 1 µg Nominal volume of the pipette to be tested: From 1 µL n Automatic mass-to-volume conversion and judgments for accuracy and repeatability using the special "WinCT-Pipette" software n Judgments by your preferred criteria - manufacturer specifications, ISO8655, or in-house specifications n Outputs the test results in an A4 or letter-size report format for documentation requirements n Evaporation trap to minimize errors due to evaporation...

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Laboratory Solutions by A&D - 11

Leak Tester For quick screening for pipette failure n Takes only seconds to tell whether a pipette has a leak n Changes pressure by evacuating air instead of injecting it, so that no dust enters the pipette being tested Depressurization value: −20 kPa ± 20% Pipette Professional For SOP-based management of pipette quality and performance n Easy operation by following step-by-step guidance on a color touch-panel screen n Daily pipette check to confirm that the pipette meets proper conditions for use n Periodic pipette check for pipette volume accuracy and repeatability Daily pipette check...

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