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GC Series of Counting Scales


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GC Series of Counting Scales - 1

Counting Scales Today’s counting solutions, only from A&D.

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 2

Because All You Want to Do Is “Count” If people appear to be counting faster, it may not be that they are better trained. Featuring A&D’s uniquely innovative solutions, the GC series of counting scales let you spend much less time and effort on setup and preparation so that you can start counting right away. The GC series is also designed to be able to connect with various other devices to expand their capabilities as needed, while being extremely functional as well as being affordable enough to be purchased for stand-alone operations. Multiple displays for different purposes For maximum...

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 3

Separable display unit The display unit can be detached from the weighing unit for ergonomic use depending on the device layout. The length of the standard cable that connects the display and weighing units is approx. 1 m. An optional extension cable (GC-08, approx. 2 m) is also available to replace the standard cable. Display unit detached from the weighing unit Diverse methods of unit weight setting You can select one of three ways to set a unit weight (= weight of one piece of the item to be counted) as the situation demands. Sample Mode Have the scale calculate the average piece weight...

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 4

Memory capacity extension using a MicroSD card The GC series also allows for the insertion and reading of a MicroSD card,*2 to which data for a practically infinite number of items can be created and saved in CSV format using a PC. You can either call up the unit weight and other information of a desired item directly from the MicroSD card, or transfer the list file to the internal memory of the scale.*3 is not guaranteed *2 Operation1,000 items will befor all MicroSD cards. 3 The first copied * of items in the list file exceeds 1,000.if the number Slot for a MicroSD card Automatic Item Search...

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 5

WinCT-Counting (freeware) for easy management of item data Consisting of four useful modes, the WinCT-Counting software lets you perform various tasks on a PC to enable more effective and efficient use of the GC series. Function Mode Useful for editing and sending UFC setting commands to a counting scale for customization of printout content and layout. Useful for checking and configuring internal settings of a counting scale (enabled regardless of whether the scale is password-locked). WinCT-Counting Command Mode Memory Mode Useful for sending commands to and receiving/saving data from a...

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 6

RS-232C interface that supports digital connection with an A&D balance/scale The GC series is also equipped as standard with an RS-232C (D-Sub 9-pin) interface so that bi-directional serial communication (i.e. sending data and receiving commands) with an external device such as a printer or PLC can be made. Moreover, an A&D balance/scale can also be connected via the RS-232C interface,*8 which allows a high-precision balance to be used to set a minute unit weight, or a large-capacity/platform scale to be used to count the target item of a large quantity. Example of connecting an A&D...

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 7

External scales available from A&D How the AD-8561-MI05 can be used for analog connection with an external scale (load cell) If you prefer not to leave the connected Multi-Interface and cable loose, optional brackets (GC-14) can fasten them securely to the scale. The AD-8561-MI02 and cable fastened to the scale by the GC-14 Discover increase in value through connectivity and augmentation with various other devices. Other useful features Comparator function with highly-visible LED trac lights and buzzer for intuitive, error-free check counting/weighing Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement...

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GC Series of Counting Scales - 8

kg (kilogram), g (gram), lb (pound), oz (ounce), ozt (troy ounce), and pcs (pieces) 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or an arbitrary number of pieces Minimum unit weight*i Stabilization time Sensitivity drift Operating environment Count Display 7-segment reverse-backlit LCD (character height: 22 mm) 7-segment reverse-backlit LCD (character height: 12.5 mm) Unit weight 5 × 7 dot reverse-backlit LCD (character height: 6.7 mm) Display refresh rate Approx. 10 times / second (for the count and weight displays) Standard interface RS-232C (D-Sub 9-pin), MicroSD card*iii slot, External input terminal Power...

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