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FZ-CT/FX-CT Series of Carat Balances


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FZ-CT/FX-CT Series of Carat Balances - 1

Carat Balances Series FZ-1200CT/FX-1200CT 1260 ct × 0.001 ct FZ-700CT/FX-700CT 760 ct × 0.001 ct FZ-500CT/FX-500CT 510 ct × 0.001 ct Remote Display (Optional) FZ-700CT Thoroughly Upgraded! Carat Pans (Standard)

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FZ-CT/FX-CT Series of Carat Balances - 2

Does This Balance Really Make Your Job Simpler While Improving Productivity At The Same Time…? No balance brings speed, accuracy, as well as comfort of use like the new FZ-CT/FX-CT series. Simple as they may look, these carat balances maximize A&D’s latest analytical weighing technologies, delivering unprecedented benefits to the field of jewelry processing. Now stop and consider the following: Large Removable Breeze Break with Antistatic Coating Compared with other carat balances on the market, the breeze break of the FZ-CT/FX-CT series gives you a larger working space for easier and more...

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FZ-CT/FX-CT Series of Carat Balances - 3

Compact Footprint: 198 mm × 294 mm With the C-SHS, the footprint of the FZ-CT/FX-CT series is smaller than an A4 (210 mm × 297 mm) sheet of paper, maximizing opportunities for use in even the smallest of spaces. ■ Rotary Sliding Doors The balance requires no extra space at the rear in order to access the weighing chamber, as the doors simply rotate behind the balance. Rotary Sliding Doors One-Touch Automatic Calibration (FZ-CT models only) The built-in calibration mass ensures the accuracy of your balance with just one key press. No special skills are required. Counting Mode with Automatic...

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FZ-CT/FX-CT Series of Carat Balances - 4

& iv The factory setting is MID, whose stabilization time is approx. 3.5 seconds. & v One additional unit from tael (Singapore/HK jewelry/Taiwan/China), tola or Newton can be added upon request. Dimensions (mm/inches) FXi-02* Quick USB interface with cable FXi-08* Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software FXi-09* Built-in rechargeable battery * The FXi-02, FXi-08 and FXi-09 cannot be used at the same time Anti-vibration table for balances Tabletop breeze break Static eliminator Electrostatic field meter Weighing environment logger Weighing data logger Tweezers for calibration weight...

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