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EJ Series of Compact Precision Balances - 4 Pages

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EJ Series of Compact Precision Balances

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Compact Precision Balances Price or readability? —BOTH! Discover Precision

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When Your Budget Is Tight but Precision Is Non-Negotiable... Forget about those expensive electromagnetic force restoration*1 balances. A&D's latest load cell technology employed in the EJ series now challenges their established edge, offering a way to spend less without compromising on precision... and functionality as well! High resolution (1/120,000 - 1/310,000) load cell as the weight sensor The EJ series achieves a readability of 0.0002 g for a capacity of 22 g (lower capacity range of the EJ-54D2), 0.001 g for a capacity up to 310 g (higher capacity range of the EJ-54D2 and...

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Extremely high sensitivity (EJ-54D2) The EJ-54D2, a dual range model, has two weighing ranges with different capacities and readabilities, each range extending from zero to its capacity. The readability of the lower capacity (22 g) range is as fine as 0.0002 g (or 0.001 ct), which, for example, is ideally suited for precisely weighing/counting small pieces of precious metals/jewelries*3. *3 A free carat pan is provided for the EJ-54D2 and can be used instead of the standard weighing pan. The breeze break can be easily detached for changing the pan as well as for cleaning (see below)....

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Repeatability (standard deviation) Sensitivity drift Operating environment 7-segment LCD with backlight (character height: 16 mm) Display type Display refresh rate Units of measure* g (gram), oz (ounce), lb (pound), ozt (troy ounce), ct (metric carat), mom (momme), dwt (pennyweight), gr (grain), N (Newton), pcs (counting mode), % (percent mode), SG (density mode) Counting mode Min. unit weight*iii Percent mode % readability Min. 100% weight AC adapter or four AA batteries Power supply Battery life Approx. 70 hours with alkaline batteries, backlight OFF Approx. 80 hours with alkaline...

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