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BM Series of Micro Analytical Balances - 8 Pages

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BM Series of Micro Analytical Balances

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Micro Analytical Balances Built-in Fanless Ionizer!

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How to Eliminate the Greatest Enemy of Precision Weighing The performance of micro analytical balances can be worsened by even the slightest of disturbances, and among others, static electricity is known to be especially troubling for many users. The BM series from A&D provides various means to help you perform such sensitive measurements with simplicity and accuracy, including a built-in fanless ionizer for quick and easy removal of static electricity. Problems due to static electricity An electrostatically charged object induces the opposite charge in nearby objects. The resulting...

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The green LED is lit while the ionizer is ON. Antistatic glass panes Coated with transparent evaporated metal to block static from outside, such as charged clothing in dry winter conditions Just press the ION key to switch on the ionizer. The “ION” mark blinks on the display. The plate in the middle can be removed to create a larger space (not advisable for 0.001 mg readability models). BM-5 5.2 g × 0.001 mg (σ = 0.0012 mg*1) Of the four models, the BM-5 features the highest stability and repeatability, and is therefore recommended for most users. With an adequate installation environment...

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BM-22 5.1 g/22 g × 0.001 mg/0.01 mg (σ = 0.004 mg*1) The BM-22 is a smart range model.*2 While being slightly lower in stability and repeatability (and therefore more affordable) than the BM-20, it still provides sufficient room for tare. BM-5D 2.1 g/5.2 g × 0.001 mg/0.01 mg (σ = 0.004 mg*1) The BM-5D, another smart range model,*2 has the same repeatability specification as the BM-22, but a smaller capacity. Accordingly, it is the most budget-friendly model of the four. g weight *1 Repeatability specification for 10.01 mg automatically when the display value exceeds 2 The readability will switch...

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*5 The administrator can inhibit calibration also so that others can perform measurements only. GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output For documentation requirements, the balance manufacturer, model, serial number, ID number (eight alphanumeric characters set by the user), date + time,*6 space for signature for calibration report, calibration test report, and title & end blocks for a series of weighing results can be output. printer is is possible use its clock calendar function *6 When the AD-8127 compactprint date used, it This allowstoyou to prevent&falsification of the instead of the balance's...

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Standard & highly recommended accessories The BM series comes standard with various accessories that facilitate your workflows. There are also optional accessories that greatly help improve the stability of microgram weighing and are therefore suggested especially for the BM-5/5D/20/22. ■ Special pans/holder (standard for the BM-5/5D/20/22) Aluminum analytical pans (10 pcs each)*9 Weighing pans for particulate matter (PM) filters size can purchased separately *9 Eachweight ofalso beholder is heavier than(in a set of 100).weighing pan by approx. 2 g, 10 The this the standard * leaving only...

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i Smart range function: The readability will switch to 0.01 mg automatically when the display value exceeds 2.1 g (BM-5D) or 5.1 g (BM-22) but returns to 0.001 mg by pressing the RE-ZERO key. *ii Pursuant to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Chapter 41 *iii Either tael (Singapore/HK jewelry/Taiwan/China) or tola can be added upon request. *iv For the BM-5/5D only

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||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||| Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software*v Pipette accuracy testing kit*vi BM-08 Quick USB (standard) *v Cannotandused with the BM-5/5D.cannot be used at the same time. vi be * BM-014 pipette accuracy testing kit The kit includes everything required for testing pipette accuracy (systematic error) and reproducibility (random error) quickly and easily by yourself. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Density determination kit (for the BM-252/200/300/500 only)...

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