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Apollo GX-AE/GX-A/GF-A series of advanced-level analytical/precision balances - 12 Pages

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Apollo GX-AE/GX-A/GF-A series of advanced-level analytical/precision balances

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Advanced-Level Analytical/Precision Balances Taking Weighing Precision and Protection to New Heights

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Simply Created for Practical Purposes All the innovative technologies of Apollo are designed to provide functional solutions for real world problems that users face in laboratories or in factories. Now discover what they are, and what precision, protection, performance and productivity really mean to you! Smart SHS® Smart super hybrid sensor (Smart SHS) realizing wide lineup from analytical to high-resolution, high-capacity precision models Select a balance that best suits your applications and budgets from either the GX-A series of 16 models with internal calibration function (three 0.0001...

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Fast stabilization A combination of a high-stiffness, Roberval-structure spring material and an electromagnetic force restoration mechanism simultaneously realizes fast stabilization and high resolution for efficient, precise weighing. Typical stabilization time is from 1.5 to 2 seconds with the 0.0001 g readability models and 1 second with the 0.001/0.01/0.1 g readability models.*2 *2 Excludes the 1,620 g × 0.001 g and 10,200 g × 0.01 g models, with a typical stabilization time of 1.5 seconds. Long-term durability and low cost of ownership A&D's internal experiment verified that Smart SHS...

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Accuracy and precision management Internal weight (for the GX-AE/GX-A series) Automatic self calibration (ASC) To ensure accuracy all the time, the balance can be set to calibrate itself automatically using its internal weight either (1) in response to change in ambient temperature to prevent error due to sensitivity drift, (2) at a set interval time, or (3) at predetermined (up to three) times of the day. Internal calibration can also be performed any time with one key press. Internal weight value correction In cases such as where the internal weight value varied over time, it can be...

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Features effective for specific applications Use in production lines The weight sensor of a high-precision balance will be damaged in a short period if it is continuously affected by loads with acceleration (impact shocks). This typically occurs in factories where materials are placed roughly by machines or thrown by operators onto balances. In addition, impact shocks can easily shift values and cause errors. The difficulty is that even if you know the above, you may not know what degree of impact shock is safe or unsafe for the balance to take preventive measures as necessary. ISD Impact shock...

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Flow rate measurement Flow rate is determined from the weight variation that occurs during a given interval. Many operators time this interval by using a stopwatch. Besides being troublesome and error-prone, this method does not allow precise recording of flow rates that vary from moment to moment because the interval used to divide the weight variation (calculation time) is too long. Alternatively, a PC can be connected to the balance to take the weighing data and perform the calculation. This method enables measurement to be more responsive to flow rate changes by shortening the...

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Data management, documentation and compliance User access control (UAC) and key lock to prevent misusage The balance can be password-protected in two ways: The first way is to limit the use to authorized individuals (up to 11 including one administrator—the administrator can perform all operations while other users are limited to measurements and calibration*6 only) by setting a password for each user. The second way is to set a password just for the administrator and anyone else can use the balance without entering a password but for measurements and calibration*6 only. Moreover, upon...

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GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output For documentation requirements, the balance manufacturer, model, serial number, ID number, date + time,*9 space for signature for calibration report, calibration test report, and title & end blocks for a series of weighing results can be output. the is possible to use its clock function instead of to print date *9 WhenThis AD-8127 compact printer is used, itof the timestamp using the& calendarlock function on the the balance'sas you prefer. + time. allows you to prevent falsification password printer side Data memory Apollo has a capacity to store up to 200...

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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 2nd RS-232C interface Comparator relay output/buzzer/external key input interface Enables signaling check weighing results (3 or 5 levels) by buzzer and/or external comparator (traffic) lights. It also has two jacks for separately-sold foot switches. Analog output interface (factory-installed/dealer option) Ethernet interface Built-in rechargeable battery (factory-installed/dealer option) Large glass breeze break Animal weighing pan (0.001/0.01/0.1 g readability models of 320 g...

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D-Sub connector AD-8529PC-W for communication with a PC AD-8529PR-W for communication with a printer *15 Please contact your local A&D representative to find out whether the AD-8529PC/PR-W is certified for compliance with Bluetooth® communication laws in your country.

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*i Pursuant to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Chapter 41 *ii One additional unit from tael (Singapore/HK jewelry/Taiwan/China), tola or Newton can be added upon request. *iii Under stable environment (no rapid temperature/humidity change, vibration, draft, magnetism, static, etc). The mass of the internal weight may vary with age.

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