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AD5436 Universal System Controller - 8 Pages

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AD5436 Universal System Controller

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Universal System Controller Maximum control cycle *25ius Flk(B E*(£) Diipl<y00 Proj«t(E) SminjtO MattiQ Ewcutt® M«W iync(M) Tool(D P*hi

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Universal System Controller The AD5436 is a mid-range system controller that supports a variety of applications with highly customized measurement and control. •Main changes from previous AD5435 model Introducing a dual core CPU Depending on your needs, the CPU is selectable from 2 options Display screen widened Operability has been enhanced with an 8-inch liquid-crystal color screen (touch panel), nearly as wide as the actual unit. •Its usability follows in the footsteps of the AD5435 Stand alone operation It can be detached from a PC and used as equipment by itself (PC is required for...

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Straight from your imagination, into use as an actual machine The AD5436 can be turned into exactly the type of high accuracy measurement and control device that you have conceived in your mind. With functionality that forms the core of model base development, the AD5436, with improved I/O and utility software, is a strong and adaptable partner for your business. No matter how you want to treat measurement and control, or whatever computation or modeling techniques you would like to use with your device, your AD5436 is where your idea can start to grow. Blocksets used for control with...

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Utility to expand the functions of VirtualDSPConsole. With DLL execution and user-defined control of simplified table configurations we have been able to further enhance the functionality of VirtualDSPConsole. Utility to enable UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

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Universal System Controller POWER UNIT SBC CONTROL BOARD I/O SLOTS ■POWER UNIT : Supplies power to the device. AC input and DC input types are available. ■SBC : Board holding all the different functions of the device, such as CPU, memory, ■CONTROL BOARD : Board outputting system status; remote ■I/O SLOTS : Slots additional boards. A maximum 7 further boards can be added. I/O Boards for the Highly Scalable AD5430 Series This single-ended input, 16-bit resolution board has a 256 KB buffer memory and can sample serial data ■Sampling frequency ■Input range ■Input impedance No isolation between...

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AD5430-11 6-axis Encoder Input and Pulse Output This board is compliant with pulse output and encoder input and enables positioning of stepping motors and servomotors (TTL: 14 channels, comparator: 5 channels) ■Response frequency ■Output speed range ■Output logic Response frequency: 1.25MHz (max: in-phase), 5MHz (max: quadrature) Output speed range: 0"2,000,000PPS Output logic: Positive and negative logic (switchable) ■Number of input/output : 14 each (PWM), 5 (comparator) ■Measurement : Frequency, Duty, ON/OFF time, and Edge Count This board is able to run inverter models and motor models...

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Universal System Controller This optional board is equipped with an input and output function to build a single-channel servo control system. ■Sampling synchronized with model cycle ■Analog input (voltage) ■Analog output ■Digital input (universal) ■Digital output ■Digital input (control box) ■Digital output (control box) This communication board supports several types of networks ■Baud rate ■Options at time of order 5 kbps to 1 Mbps (configurable for each channel) Selection from High speed or Single Wire Note: This function can be used after installing the "CCPPack" (an optional programming...

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Intel QM57 Mobile Chipset RAM:4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM SATA Disk Chip: 1GB OS. application RTOS (Xenomai) 8inch Color TFT LCD (LED backlight) resolution 800 x 600 dots Operation panel Touch panel Function keys (15 customizable keys) 7 slots (for AD5430 series I/O board) Power specifications 1 slot (separate option) Data transmission Gigabit Ethernet (1O00Base-T, 100Base-TX), for Auto MDI/MDI-X Data storage Power consumption About 7kg (main unit) Operation temperature range Operation humidity range AC power cable (when purchasing AD5436A, AD5436A-I7) DC power cable (when purchasing AD5436....

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