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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 1


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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 2

HEADS Boring and facing heads Plandreh-und ausbohrköpfe Cabezales de mandrinar y refrentar Tetes a alesar et surface Teste per alesare e sfacciare TOOLS Toolholders Werkzeugaufnahmen Portaherramientas Porte-outils Portautensili TECHNICAL DATA

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 3

NC boring and facing heads with automatic balancing on machines with tool change. NC boring and facing heads with automatic balancing. Axial control NC boring and facing heads on transfer machines. Heads with automatic feed and rapid return of the slide. Modular Toolholder system PR Vibration-damping reductions Double-bit heads Carbide bars with F-MHD’ coupling Ø 16

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 4

Medium and large sized NC boring and facing heads. Double-bit centesimal Testarossa for roughing and finishing Centesimal Testarossa Balanceable high speed centesimal Testarossa Micrometric Testarossa Balanceable high speed micrometric Testarossa Micrometric Testarossa CHUCKING TOOLS Large diameter double-bit cross bar for roughing and finishing Ø 200 ~ 2800 MHD’ FORCE g Ultra-tight FORCE AW Weldon / Whistle Notch INSERTS PF Disc and facing cutter High precision heavy duty milling chuck ACR/NC Coolant chucking High precision balanceable toolholders for high speed Monobloc toolholders MCD’...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 5

Marino D’Andrea, the founder Marino D’Andrea, il fondatore The rst boring and facting head La prima testa per sfacciare e alesare Golden Compass award for industrial design • Quality, Experience, Technology, High precision, Innovation, Professional skills are the strongest points that made the rm and the whole D’Andrea production winning on the Italian and the worldwide market. • Qualità, Esperienza, Tecnologia, Alta precisione, Innovazione, Competenza, sono i punti di forza che hanno reso vincente l’azienda e tutta la produzione D’Andrea sul mercato nazionale ed internazionale. The rst...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 6

D’Andrea headquarters in Lainate (Milan) La sede D’Andrea a Lainate (Milano) • D’Andrea S.p.A. is a world leader in the eld of accessories for machine tools. Boring and facing heads and toolholders are all made in the factory in Lainate (Milan). Components of toolholders systems are produced in the plant in Castel Del Giudice (Isernia). • D’Andrea S.p.A. è leader mondiale nel settore degli accessori per macchine utensili. La progettazione e la produzione di teste per alesare e sfacciare e di portautensili avviene interamente nella sede di Lainate (Milano). I componenti dei sistemi di...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 7

• D’Andrea is a company with an all around approach to management that takes into account the latest trends and developments on the domestic and international market. At the same time, the company has a widespread distribution network offering the right amount of exibility, to satisfy the local market requirements. • D’Andrea è un’azienda che adotta una politica gestionale a 360° che tiene conto delle tendenze ed evoluzioni del mercato nazionale e mondiale. Nello stesso tempo, la presenza di una rete di distribuzione capillare conferisce all’azienda il giusto grado di essibilità per agire e...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 8

• The Sales Departement manages business all over the world. • L’Uf cio Commerciale gestisce le vendite in tutto il mondo. • D’Andrea gained a position of prominence world-wide thanks to its unequalled know-how. The company invests massively in Research and Development to keep up with the times. A team of highly skilled design engineers is continually researching advanced technological solutions, developing new products according to market requirements and executing special designs based on speci c customer requests. • D’Andrea ha acquisito una fama mondiale per il suo know how senza pari....

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 10

GB Numerical control boring and facing heads with automatic balancing on machining centers with automatic tool change and special machines. D Köpfe mit automatischer Auswuchtung zum Ausbohren und Planschleifen mit numerischer Steuerung auf Bearbeitungszentren mit automatischem Werkzeugwechsel und Spezialmaschinen. E Cabezales con equilibrado automático para mandrinar y refrentar a control numérico en centros de mecanizado y máquinas especiales con cambio automático de la herramienta. F Têtes à aléser et à dresser avec équilibrage automatique, à commande numérique, pour les centres d’usinage...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 11

Turning operations on all machining centres GB TA-CENTER boring and facing heads are made to be used on auto automatic tool changers, therefore on essentially all machining centres. A U-Drive unit commands the feed control of the tool slide and the tool placeme even during rotation. This unit is managed directly by an axle called “U” by placement the CNC of the machining centre. Organized in this way, the machining centre is the solution to a series of different processes like inner and outer machini turning operations, grooves, conical and variable boring, concave and convex radius...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 12

• GENERAL FEATURES • ALLGEMEINE MERKMALE • CARACTERÍSTICAS GENERALES • CARACTÉRISTIQUES GÉNÉRALES • CARATTERISTICHE GENERALI F Les têtes pour aléser et dresser TA CENTER sont conçues pour être utilisées sur des machines pour le changement d’outils en automatique, donc essentiellement sur les centres d’usinage.Le contrôle de l‘avancement du coulisseau porte-outils et de la position de l’outil, même pendant la rotation, est commandé par un groupe de motorisation U-DRIVE. Ce groupe est géré directement par un axe appelé « U » de la commande numérique du centre d’usinage. Un centre d’usinage...

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NEW 2015 CATALOG - 13

• Fixed body • Fixkörper • Cuerpo jo • Corps xe • Corpo sso • Rotating body • Rotierender Körper • Cuerpo giratorio • Corps rotatif • Corpo rotante • Toolholder slide • Werkzeughalterschlitten • Corredera portaherramientas • Coulisseau porte-outils • Slitta portautensili • MHD’ coupling • MHD’ kupplung • Acoplamiento MHD’ • Accouplement MHD’ • Attacco MHD’ • Coolant liquid outlet nozzle • Kühlmittelaustritt • Ori cios de salida del líquido refrigerante • Buses de sortie du liquide de lubri cation et réfrigérant • Ugelli di uscita del liquido lubro-refrigerante 11 • Manual rotation device •...

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