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CRY605 Artificial Mouth Summary CRY605 Artificial Mouth is a sound source which simulates the sound field around the human mouth at close quarters. It can be used to testing the acoustic parameters of transmitters and microphones. CRY605 Artificial Mouth has an in-built 20dB power amplifier and can be connected to soundcards and signal generators directly with easy operation and high stability. Complies with standards: IEEE 269,661 An in-built 20dB power amplifier Sound source for acoustic measurement High stability Specification CRY605 Artificial Mouth Min continuous output SPL Frequency Response Maximum Input Signal Power Amplifier Power Supply Power Amplifier Gain Power Amplifier Power Mouth Opening Diameter HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD

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Typical Curve Fig1 driving voltage is 0.1V (After amplifying, it is 1V), the frequency response curve at 25mm (MRP) Fig2 the frequency response curve for 94dB after compensation Fig3 the distortion (THD) curve after compensating to SPL 94dB Frequency(Hz) HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO., LTD

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