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CRY5616 Polarity Tester SPEAKER POLARITY TESTER CRYSOUND Add:NO.31-1, Xianxing Rd, Yuhang Dist, Hangzhou, CN

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1. Introduction CRY5616 Polarity tester is typically designed to test the positive/negative polarity of acoustic components, such as speakers, headphones, headphone speakers, and receivers. It is based on digital and pulse technology. Place receive microphone at the right front of the speaker, the positive polarity LED will turn on or alarm, if the speaker is positive polarity, otherwise, the negative polarity LED will turn on or alarm, if the speaker is negative polarity; The positive and negative polarity LED will both turn off, if the speaker is open or short; If the short LED turn on ,...

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8) Volume: 205x93x220m. 3. Operation guide 1) Power Connect Power wire with 220V/50Hz power supply. Press the power switch, power led will light, well then the apparatus is power on. 2) Adjust input amplitude Place the microphone of CRY5616C at the right front of the test speaker, no more than 10cm, so that the amplitude of input signals to microphone is enough, or the SNR is good enough. Otherwise, adjust the sensitivity big/small knob. 3) Test the polarity of speaker The speaker polarity is based on pulse method. a. Connect the positive (+) and negative (-) terminal of CRY5616C output...

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-/+. e. IF the short LED turns on, the test apparatus is full or part short. f. If the positive and negative polarity LED are both turn off, the test apparatus is open or short. 4. Other Configuration list 1) Microphone input wire 2) Signal output wire 5. Product Advantage CRY5616 Polarity tester is suitable for production lines and externally equipped with a dedicated receiving microphone. The red and green indicators are used to display the positive and negative polarities respectively. The user can determine the positive/negative polarity immediately by observing the indicators, which...

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