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CRY2851 Sound Level Meter CRY2851 Sound Level Meter is designed for noise measurement, environmental and industrial product measurement. With high-performance processor, CRY2851 has ability to do frequency analysis, data logging, wireless control and transmission accurately and reliably. CRY2851 Sound Level Meter follows GB/T3785.1-2010 Class 1, IEC61672-1: 2013 Class 1 Standard. Application Noise measurement Environment noise assessment Product EOL noise control Occupational noise assessment Feature Single measurement range:19-135dB(A) from noise floor to maximum level Support SD Card Ethernet/Bluetooth/WiFi for remote control and data transfer GPS for time and position 1/1,1/3 octave and Frequency analysis

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Specification Microphone Sensor Open circuit sensitivity Frequency range Noise floor Technical Specification Weighting Frequency Range Frequency Weighting: A、C、Z Time Weighting: F、S 10Hz-20kHz Lp, Measuring Parameter Single measurement range (from noise floor to maximum level)

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Power Supply Battery Operation Time Charging Time External Power Supply Calibration Environment Reference Level Sound Calibrator Class 1 Temperature 23°C Pressure 101.325kPa Humility 50% RH Temperature -10~+50℃, Operation Condition Physical Dimension

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