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CRYSOUND IMAGER DATASHEET CRY2623 ACOUSTIC IMAGER High-performance microphones for efficient detection The CRYSOUND CRY2623 Industrial Acoustic camera is easy to operate and can be used quickly. The device adopts the aluminum alloy shell, which is sturdy and durable, and can adapt to the complex and changeable working environment. Real-time sound image display, helping the detection of pressurized or vacuum leaks significantly faster compared to other previous methods. CRY2623 only needs to adjust the two parameters of the test frequency range and the test dynamic range to meet the vast majority of test requirements. The device supports camera mode, video mode, and flexible on-site data recording. The large-capacity TF data storage card can be expanded, and the test results can be quickly exported and reported. It can help enterprises to reduce losses caused by gas leakage, partial discharge and other accidents. 128 digital MEMS microphones can provide exceptionally high sensitivity, sound resolution and detection accuracy, real-time audio-visual display, anti-jamming, help detection. Leakage assessment By activating the leak measurement function, the camera continuously displays the amount of leaks and losses as well as the level of loss. PD detection & PD type identification Partial discharges can be detected before more serious faults would occur, even before a thermal camera would detect them. Analytics and reports Template-based processing and recording of data, waveforms,spectra,spectrograms is supported by CRYSOUND report analysis tool software, generating ISO 50001 compliant, editable protocols in Excel format.

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CRYSOUND IMAGER DATASHEET CRY2623 ▲Technical Specifications Power Acoustic Specification Microphone array 128 channels MEMS microphone, Structural vibration monitoring and localization Battery capacity 1×6600mAH@7.2V Rechargeable battery and 1×external battery package, continuous Effective test bandwidth Battery life 4+6 hours operation time Dynamic range Test sound pressure level range USB Type-C port, USB PD protocol supported, 15W 15W for battery charge; 29W for maximum power consumption Sleep/Auto power off modes Auto max/min dB gain User-settable, minimum test bandwidth 1kHz Power...

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