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Turret Truck TSP 6000


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Turret Truck TSP 6000 - 2

Non-Telescopic Forks Telescopic Forks 4.33a Load Length + 205 + Fork Carriage Offset + Running Clearance + Running Clearance Minimum Clear Aisle Running Clearance Turret Order Picker Forks Carriage Offset 4.33 Load Length + 230 + Running Clearance + Running Clearance Fork Extend + 25 Width Length Minimum Clear Aisle 4.33 4.33a 75 to 187.5 mm Fork Extend (12.5 mm increment) 4.24b 56 mm Telescopic Forks 45 mm Non-Telescopic Forks 4.2 4.8 Ø 355x205 1105 4.15 86 mm Top of Guide Wheel to Floor Std. 50 mm for Low Profile Guide Wheel 4.19 246 Battery rollers to floor

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Turret Truck TSP 6000 - 3

General Information Manufacturer Model Power Operator Type Load Capacity* Load Centre Load Distance Wheel Base Weight Tyre Type Tyres Tyres Additional Wheels Wheels Track Width Mast Free Lift Lift Height Mast Operator Stand Height Aux. Lift Cabin Width Lowered Fork Height Traverse Frame Width Overall Length Head Length Overall Width Fork Dimensions Fork Carriage Offset Fork Extension Outside Fork Spread Width Across Guide Rollers 4.32 Ground Clearance 4.33 Clear Aisle Width 4.33a Clear Aisle Width 4.34a Intersecting Aisle 4.35 Turning Radius 4.38 Load Handler Length less battery front rear...

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Turret Truck TSP 6000 - 4

Collapsed Height TN & TF Free Lift TN m Free Lift TF l Lift Height l Extended Height Collapsed Height TN & TF Free Lift TN m Free Lift TF l Lift Height l Extended Height Auxiliary lift only h1 h2 h2 h3 h4 “AA” battery compt. “A” battery compt. h1 h2 h2 h3 h4 “AA” battery compt. “A” battery compt. “B” battery compt. Including auxiliary lift Truck weight less battery, TN-mast, min load wheel OAW, 585 mm load handler length, non-telescopic forks Table 2 Battery compartment size ampere hours cells according to DIN 43531 cell layout length max.* Battery Compartment Size length recommended...

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Turret Truck TSP 6000 - 5

Capacity At a 600 mm load centre: TSP 6000–1.0 - 1000 kg TSP 6000–1.25 - 1250 kg Standard Equipment 1. TN mast – no free lift in main mast but 1750 mm of free lift in auxiliary mast 2. 48-volt fused electrical system 3. Virtually maintenance free AC lift and traction motors 4. Access 1 2 3® Integrated Control System • Fully interactive, four-line display • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt • Capacity monitor • Start-up and run time diagnostics • Diagnostic history storage • Hour meters include traction motor, hydraulic motor, steer motor and run time (increments if any of...

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Turret Truck TSP 6000 - 6

Power Unit The heavy-duty power unit was designed to evenly disperse load stresses during pallet retrieval and put away. Steel doors and covers protect the electrical and hydraulic system components from the operating environment and intrusion. All covers can be easily removed with only a few tools. Sturdy skid bars are easily replaceable. Batteries are easily serviced through the top battery access panel, which lifts easily out of the way. Mast Exclusive closed-section mast minimises deflection for the entire length of the mast. Rolled I-beams, continuously welded to a massive cross...

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