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Tow Tractor TC 3000


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Tow Tractor TC 3000 - 2

Engineered for performance. When your material flow depends on a tow truck, there is no better choice than the reliable and durable TC 3000 Series – designed from the ground up to deliver consistent performance. The TC 3000 Series features Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control and e-GEN™ Braking System, which enhance safe performance, productivity and long-term value. The TC 3000 Series also features a robust, reliable design, driven by real-world application needs. Like all Crown products, it is proven through extensive and rigorous testing on individual components...

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Tow Tractor TC 3000 - 3

The TC 3000 incorporates electronic steering for effortless, predictable control. The award-winning X10® control handle places all truck functions at your fingertips in a design that minimises upper body fatigue. The suspended low-step floorboard reduces vibration and shock from floor joints and rough surfaces. The intelligent e-GEN Braking System uses the powerful torque of the AC motor to provide consistent, reliable, long-term performance. This virtually maintenance-free, frictionless braking system eliminates adjustments, while reducing numerous parts, linkages and other wear points. An...

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Tow Tractor TC 3000 - 4

A wide selection of Work Assist™ accessories adds to the exceptional performance and productivity advantages of the TC 3000 Series. Crown engineers analysed the complete range of transport and picking tasks and then designed Work Assist accessories which can be application-tailored to enhance convenience, comfort, safety and productivity. Additional rear storage compartment Studies prove that productivity and accuracy dramatically increase when tools and materials are organised for the task. Only the TC 3000 Series offers the innovative and easily tailored Work Assist accessories to solve...

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Tow Tractor TC 3000 - 5

Rear Work Assist™ accessory tube ** Large battery compartment = 547 mm ** Overall length without coupler Backrest grab bar Front Work Assist™ accessory tube Coupler Heights min./max. General Information Crown Equipment Corporation Operator Type Load Capacity Rated Drawbar Pull Wheel Base less battery Axle Load without load, front / rear Tyre Type Wheel Size Wheel Size Additional Wheels number (x=driven) front/rear Track Width central position Track Width Operator Stand Height 4.12 Coupler Height 4.19 Overall Length without coupler 4.21 Overall Width 4.32 Ground Clearance centre wheelbase...

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Tow Tractor TC 3000 - 6

Electric System / Batteries 24-volt electrical system with nominal battery capacities from 420 Ah up to 620 Ah. The battery can be removed vertically or horizontally with optional battery rollers for left/right or both sides removal. 15. Standard Equipment 1. Maintenance free 3-phase (AC) traction and steering motors 2. e-Gen® Braking System offers regenerative and frictionless electric braking (Mechanical braking applies only as parking brake) 3. Electronic steering with the centre mounted X10® Handle for precise and effortless control 4. The self-centering X10® Control Handle places all...

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