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Stacker ES 4000


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Stacker ES 4000 - 2

Crown’s powerful traction system and ramp hold feature allow long slopes to be handled with ease. real world challenges. Crown’s precision traction and lift control and outstanding visibility are perfect for narrowaisle retail applications. Conned areas are no problem with Crown’s intuitive, smooth control for precise navigation and positioning. Crown’s FlexRide platform suspension and high travel speed make long distance transport comfortable. Heavy industries benet from Crown’s extensive use of steel where others use plastic. Crown’s narrow chassis and centre-mounted tiller reduce product...

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Stacker ES 4000 - 3

These pedestrian stackers are built on a powerful, sturdy foundation, offering features to match core application needs. With capacities of 1.2, 1.4 or 1.6 tonnes, lift heights range from 2.4 to 5.4 metres. Typical ES 4000 applications include: ■ Small to medium size work areas with tight spaces The need for excellent manoeuvrability Stacking, stock replacement, order picking real world challenges. These pedestrian stackers add initial lift capabilities to the ES 4000 feature set. Higher ground clearance contributes to better handling on inclines and uneven surfaces, greatly expanding the...

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Stacker ES 4000 - 4

Efcient stacking Crown’s precise lift/ lower control simplies container stacking, where the fork pocket is only a few millimetres larger than the fork itself. If you can’t level the ground, is more than lifting. Maximise stacking productivity with features that give operators more control for less-than-perfect surfaces in your facilities. Options such as siped rubber tyres and freezer conditioning offer more performance in applications with sloped oors, wet surfaces and drainage. real-world stacking functions. Initial lift adds a exibility advantage by providing the ground clearance needed...

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Stacker ES 4000 - 5

Crown’s operator suspension and performance options give you a transport advantage. Crown offers power and control to transport product The FlexRide™ suspension platform provides a smooth ride to improve control and minimise fatigue. up and down ramps and grades. Optional electronic power steering enhances manoeuvrability and reduces steering effort on heavier loads. The large Crown-built AC traction motor delivers powerful performance to meet your real-world challenges. Built-in storage space and optional Work Assist™ accessories speed up the task at hand. A rugged cast iron gearbox...

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Stacker ES 4000 - 6

Double your productivity and throughput. Crown delivers smooth, precise control for double pallet handling. With the initial lift models, you can securely transport stacked pallets and immediately double your productivity. Stacking pallets saves space and costs. Why not benet by transporting them? Precise control simplies pallet handling, whether walking or riding. When lifting two pallets, the forks and load arms can carry any proportional split of the rated capacity. The award-winning X10® Handle and smooth proportional lift and travel functions provide extraordinary control for...

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Stacker ES 4000 - 7

A robust and powerful stacker. The compact ES 4000 and ET 4000 Series stackers are big on performance. Engineered for durability and power, they prove their value with exceptionally long life. Designed and tested to hold up under the toughest conditions, these stackers prove that compact does not mean light duty. The solid design starts with a sturdy I-beam mast, reinforced 8 millimetre thick steel chassis, 3 millimetre steel exterior covers and die-cast aluminium control handle. The rider version includes a platform suspension that never needs adjustment and 50 millimetre diameter side...

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Stacker ES 4000 - 8

Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG Clean Environment. Smart Business. Printed on elemental chlorine free and sustainably forested paper. Becau: -tr ■: :i ■ ■■,vn is continu; illy n 11| .roving its pn •• li i. :l:. specifications are subject to change without notice. Crown, the colour beige, the Momentum symbol, XIO®, RexRde*" InfoLink®, ©-GEN* X10® Handle, Access 1 2 3® and Work Assist1" are trademarks of Crown Equipment Corporation Copyrkil ii :'-'013 Crown Eoun .i. n H it Corporatior

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