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RR 5700 Reach Forklift


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RR 5700 Reach Forklift - 2

Improved productivity and optimised space are Superior performance on the S Class means greater lift two advantages you can readily achieve with and travel speeds and increased lift height. It also means more the Crown RR/RD 5700 Series. Operators easily room for the operator, a flip-up seat, choices to sit, lean or stand and move up and down aisles and on and off the truck the ability to make adjustments for individualised comfort and control. due to superior ergonomics and manoeuvrability. The S Class substantially boosts productivity with travel speeds up to 13.3 km/h and lifting speeds...

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RR 5700 Reach Forklift - 3

What if a reach truck knew when It’s time to stop spinning your wheels when it conditions changed and took action to comes to productivity. Crown’s latest innovation help the operator? That’s the intelligent, gives your operators unmatched control. optimised control you can expect Everyone wants to avoid tyre spin on a reach truck and the possibility of losing control. There’s more risk for accidents and product damage. Operators lose confidence. Tyres wear out faster. The RR/RD 5700 Series gives you what you need to enhance control, boost throughput and extend tyre life, even on wet, slick...

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RR 5700 Reach Forklift - 4

saver. The RD 5700 Series, with its double-deep reach, delivers power and performance designed to meet your specific application needs. Now you can increase storage density, improve work flow and Integrated options for every application. Crown’s innovative, practical options are fully integrated with the RR/RD 5700 Series to meet your specific application needs with superior, long-lasting performance. help operators perform tasks more efficiently. Many successful businesses struggle with limited space. The RD 5700 Series gives you powerful cost-saving ways to avoid building or leasing new...

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Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG Philipp-Hauck-Str. 12 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany Tel +49(0)89-93002-0 Fax +49(0)89-93002-133 Because Crown is continually improving its products, specifications are subject to change without notice. Crown, the Crown logo, the colour beige, the Momentum symbol, Access 1 2 3, OnTrac and Work Assist are trademarks of Crown Equipment Corporation. Printed on elemental chlorine free and sustainably forested paper. Pantone 424 Pantone 370 Copyright 2009 Crown Equipment Corporation RR/RD 5700 BROCH GB 01/14, 10 –...

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