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picking process. The SP 3500 Series demonstrates Crown’s order picking expertise, heights... Imagine working on the ledge of a three-story building every day. It’s easy to understand how encompassing every step in the picking process for the total solution. confidence affects order picking productivity, safety and overall efficiency. The Crown SP 3500 Series builds Engineered to smoothly move from pallet handling to picking at heights to transporting, the SP 3500 Series provides major productivity advantages the most critical picking practices. Highlights include Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive...

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comfort... The SP 3500 Series design focuses on helping operators perform at their best in the environment in which they do it. Ergonomics drives design on the SP 3500 Series. It accounts for every aspect of the operator- It all begins with the exceptional visibility of the SP 3500 Series. The platform window provides excellent visibility both through and outside the mast with a large viewing area for a clearer view of pick locations and intersecting aisles. Even at lower elevations, the clear view mast provides an unobstructed sight line, allowing operators to perform tasks faster and Four...

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approach... You’ll benefit from industry-leading performance Crown’s focus on serviceability gives you and simplified service on the SP 3500 Series, more cost-saving advantages. These include because it’s engineered, manufactured and accessibility and placement of components, Display Module as well as our patented diagnostics system. Vehicle Control Module Unmatched reliability and performance on the SP 3500 Series results from Access 1 2 3 which links key lift truck systems, all manufactured by Crown. You can realise significant performance and costsaving advantages with Crown. It’s...

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Fixed-Fork Order Pickers Fixed-fork order pickers are ideally suited for picking bulky, oversized items or where extended platforms and industrial carts are used in place of pallets. Setting the standard. The SP 3511 fixed-fork and SP 3512 lifting-fork order pickers prove their value for platform elevations up to 6.3 metres. You may not need the power and size of a larger order picker, but you don’t have to settle for low-end performance. The SP 3511 and SP 3512 feature the same drive unit, platform and mast as the rest of the SP 3500 family. The SP 3521 fixed-fork and SP 3522 lifting-fork...

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enhancing options. satisfy your specific application needs. Support is another significant area of value. advantage that adds up to the lowest cost The SP 3500 Series is backed by a complete trucks. It’s about comparing the total value. carefully integrated into Crown’s order pickers to improve performance and The SP 3500 Series gives you a value of ownership. It’s not just about comparing lift A number of options are available for the SP 3500 Series. All are system of support with Crown Integrity Your advantage begins with the productivity- Crown’s extensively- tested components the value...

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Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG Philipp-Hauck-Str. 12 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany Tel +49(0)89-93002-0 Fax +49(0)89-93002-133 Because Crown is continually improving its products, specifications are subject to change without notice. Printed on elemental chlorine free and sustainably forested paper. Crown, the Crown logo, the colour beige, the Momentum symbol, Access 1 2 3, InfoPoint, Work Assist and Crown Integrity Parts are trademarks of Crown Equipment Corporation. Copyright 2007 Crown Equipment Corporation SP 3500 BROCH GB 02/16, 10 – M01486-006-02...

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