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Order picker LP 3500 - 2

Easy access. The LP 3500 Series improves picking productivity with diagonal travel for free-ranging operations, which allows the operator to lift or lower the platform while travelling inside or outside of aisles. Speed is adjusted automatically in proportion to the platform height and steer angle. When you have fast-moving products or critical parts, you need easy access. Do you have limited space at ground level? The LP 3500 Series provides a winning strategy by raising order picking to the second and third levels. You will benet from blended lift, traction and steering controls, reliable...

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Order picker LP 3500 - 3

Simplied service results from a large hinged cover for easily accessible internal components. AC electronic steering, gives the operator smooth, effortless control for easier manoeuvrability and handling. The AC traction motor and controller deliver reliable power at speeds up to 10.5 km/h, as well as condent handling with automatic, progressive speed reduction based on steering angle and lift height. Regenerative motor braking eliminates maintenance required by mechanical brakes and contributes to smoother stopping at all platform heights. The battery compartment accommodates either 450 Ah...

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Order picker LP 3500 - 4

Faster access begins here. You have four ways to save space, time and resources with the LP 3500 Series. The family includes two xed fork and two lifting fork versions, all featuring durable construction and reliable performance for loads up to 1000 kg. Fixed Fork Second-level The second-level order picker with xed forks provides fast access of bulky products and packages. The walk-on design third-level order picker includes an overhead guard, side gates and pallet cage with a sensor to help ensure the pallet is in position. Lifting Fork Second-level Designed for second-level order picking...

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