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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 2

GPC 3000 Series. Focus on the entire picking process – that’s what sets the GPC 3000 Series apart. It’s the result of Crown’s exhaustive research into the smallest details of order picking – walking, picking, loading, labelling, counting, wrapping, transporting, housekeeping and administrative tasks. Order picking applications can be more varied and demanding than any other task in the warehouse. Whatever the job requires, the GPC 3000 Series delivers enhanced productivity, safety and durability through innovative design, advanced technology and robust construction. To achieve top...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 3

Pick Position Control™ allows the operator to “walk” the truck to the next pick location thereby eliminating the extra steps and delays needed to enter and exit the driver’s platform. Acceleration and travel speed are carefully tuned to precisely match operator motion without hesitation. When the operator is aligned with the next pick location, Pick Position Control automatically brings the truck to a controlled stop with the load positioned for placing the picked item. 100% efficiency for every picking task. Order picking – a material handling process that is critically dependent on the...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 4

Operators are constantly moving from one side of the truck to the other to pick or stack the load. The low, no-trip floorboard, wide walkthrough area and contoured surfaces make this as easy as walking down the aisle. Every picking operation involves data transfer. Whether you’re using a paper-based system, data monitors, scan guns or RFID, it is important that these tools are conveniently located, securely mounted and protected from damage or loss. Crown’s flexible Work Assist™ accessories can be adapted to suit any system of choice. Electric steering, contoured backrest, cushioned knee...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 5

Operators spend as much as 45 percent of their time walking to and from the pick location. A surprisingly high percentage of this time is spent backtracking or walking ahead of the truck. The GPC 3000 Series reduces these unnecessary movements with responsive controls that make repositioning the truck faster and easier. Picking efficiency and safety may become an issue with a product just out of reach. The GPC 3000 Series answers the challenge with a convenient fold-down step that can be used to reach products quickly and easily. Picking and Loading 30-45 percent Driving 10-30 percent...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 6

The GPC 3000 Series offers intuitive controls that are easy to activate, whether the operator walks along with the truck or drives from the platform. The benefits continue with powerful, reliable and customisable features that contribute to performance and productivity down the line.

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 8

higher level. The GPC 3000 Series simplifies the most difficult picking tasks. A variety of configurations ideally position workers and products, providing a valuable solution for taller or heavier loads and second-level picking. An optional fold-down step provides a practical and economical way to extend the reach of the operator. The safetyinterlocked step features a wide tread for two-foot stability, complemented by a grab handle on the backrest. Operators benefit from a faster, easier and safer way to handle out-of-reach product without stepping onto racks or products. Warehouse...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 9

Scissors Lift The GPC 3055 offers several important advantages in high throughput applications. Especially designed for heavy, bulky products, it lifts two pallets, each with a capacity of 1000 kg, to heights of 850 mm. The forks can be lowered or raised to minimise lifting and bending for the operator, which reduces fatigue and contributes to steady pick rates the entire work shift. With loads positioned at a convenient height, there’s also less chance of damage resulting from products being dropped onto a pallet. Fork Lift Ergonomic advantages distinguish the GPC 3045 as well. Designed...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 10

performance. What’s the difference between picking at 1 and 17 metres? To Crown engineers – nothing at all. The same solid engineering philosophy for performance and reliability that distinguishes the award-winning TSP turret order picker is found in the GPC 3000 Series. expensive components behind them can be a significant part of your total cost of truck ownership. That’s one reason why you’ll find up to 200 kg more steel on the GPC 3000 Series than on the leading competitive trucks in its class. The GPC 3000 Series features a robust, reliable design driven by real-world application...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 11

Technology that The GPC 3000 Series features Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control and e-GEN™ Braking System, which enhance safe performance, productivity and long-term value by anticipating real-world needs. Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control provides smooth, safe operational control and industry-leading diagnostics. The system continuously analyses factors that can influence performance and safety, such as load, travel speed and steering angle and responds with optimised performance as conditions change. Operators and service technicians...

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 12

Simplify tasks with WorkAssist accessories. A wide selection of Work Assist™ accessories adds to the performance and productivity advanta Series. Crown engineers analysed the c of picking tasks and then designed Work accessories which can be application-tailored to enhance convenien and productivity. Desktop work surface, front tube with load tray Front tube with large see-through clip pad and scan gun holder Front tube with medium clip pad, trash bag holder, beverage holder and storage pouch

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Order Picker GPC 3000 - 13

Rear tube with load tray Rear tube with small clip pad, scan gun holder and adjustable arm for WMS monitor Studies prove that productivity and accuracy dramatically increase when tools and materials are organised for the task. Operators need a convenient place to store tools for a number of tasks. Foil for stretch wrapping should be close at hand and easy to dispense. While retrieving an item from high pallet loads or second-level pick slots, operators need a secure place to steady themselves or position a box. Paperwork and shipping labels should be readily accessible, yet not at risk of...

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