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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series


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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series - 2

Pushing Limits. Inside and Out. The Crown C-5 Series redefines LPG, with breakthrough innovation in every detail. From its high-performance powertrain to precise cooling, ergonomic design and intrinsic stability, the C-5 sets new standards across the board. Customers demanded a better IC truck – with the power, control and reliability to perform in the most demanding applications, year after year – and the Crown C-5 Series delivers. We’re pushing limits, so you can too. Drive Revolutionary Results With Crown Superior Design. Breakthrough Performance. Crown spent thousands of hours...

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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series - 3

Engineered to Deliver Pure Power. Unmatched Powertrain Durability. To create a game-changing gas engine for the C-5, Crown combined 50 years of leadership in material handling with the engine expertise of John Deere. The result: a revolutionary engine with an unprecedented lifespan and fewer service intervals. The C-5’s industrial engine and hydrodynamic transaxle are designed and manufactured to deliver more power and longevity. Rugged Performance Features Rugged, High-Performance Components Unmatched Cooling Features Cast Iron Cylinder Head The C-5’s rugged, cast iron cylinder head...

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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series - 4

Dependable Cooling on Demand. Pushing lift trucks to their limit is a fact of life for modern operations, but doing so risks lost productivity or costly truck damage. To solve this universal problem, Crown engineered the optional On-Demand Cooling (ODC) System. It delivers the powerful combination of precise cooling and radiator clearing for better efficiency, increased uptime and cost savings. On-Demand Cooling Crown’s On-Demand Cooling option enhances the C-5’s standard dual radiator by controlling the fan speed independently of engine speed and direction, enabling precise management of...

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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series - 5

Comfort, Confidence and Control. Stability Through Tilt Interlock One of the biggest risks associated with counterbalanced trucks is tipping it over. The C-5 Series’ Interlock System monitors tilt and height and automatically adjusts truck functionality to limit unsafe conditions and reduce the likelihood of a tip over. The C-5’s outstanding power is matched only by its superior driveability. Operators can count on smooth handling and ease in every action, whether travelling, turning, lifting or loading and unloading. Smart use of steel, operator-forward design, intrinsic stability and...

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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series - 6

Longest Warranties. Unprecedented Uptime. Cabins Crown offers fully enclosed hard cabin and soft cabin options to ensure operator comfort and convenience, even in the harshest conditions. The Crown C-5 Series is engineered for uptime and backed by cost-saving, productivity-enhancing features including long-term warranties and a global support system. When it comes to lifetime value, Crown is the clear leader. Versatility to Excel in Any Application. With super-elastic and cushion tyre models – plus dozens of options, attachments and accessories – the C-5 Series is more than a match for even...

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Gas Forklfit C-5 Series - 7

Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG Philipp-Hauck-Str. 12 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany Tel +49(0)89-93002-0 Fax +49(0)89-93002-133 Because Crown is continually improving its products, specifications are subject to change without notice. Crown, the Crown logo, eSmart, Access 1 2 3, Intrinsic Stability System, Work Assist, InfoLink and InfoPoint are trademarks of Crown Equipment Corporation. Other trademarks are owned by their manufactures. Printed on elemental chlorine free and sustainably forested paper. Pantone 424 Pantone 370 Copyright 2014 Crown Equipment...

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