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Forklift SC 6000 - 2

The concept is simple. Getting it right is the hard part. Counterbalance trucks rely on a simple balance concept. When it’s done right, operators are more confident, risks are reduced and work flows smoother. The SC 6000 Series incorporates more than just basic physics however. Attention to detail, advanced engineering, a solid foundation and task-focused ergonomics — that’s the ideal balance you find on the Crown SC 6000 Series. Crown gives you more value and versatility in a multi­ urpose p truck. Tailor the SC 6000 Series to meet your needs. You can choose from 3­ wheel and 4­ wheel...

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Forklift SC 6000 - 3

Comfort and control. A personal approach. Visibility Window For the best truck all around, you need all­-round visibility. With visibility to the fork tips, out the sides or to the rear, operators gain a clear advantage on the SC 6000 Series. And it’s the same with or without a cabin. Life can be challenging for operators. They’re on and off the truck all day, inside and outside, in all kinds of weather. Rough ground, tight spaces, poor lighting and traffic make it tougher. They need a truck that makes the job easier, and the SC 6000 Series delivers. Operators have unobstructed sight lines,...

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Forklift SC 6000 - 4

Robustness. Of course. It’s a Crown. The Crown brand is all wrapped up in robustness. You can see it in the smallest details because we engineer our lift trucks for exceptional reliability. On the SC 6000 Series, you see robustness from the solid box frame to the drive units to the rigid I-beam mast and everything in between. You get steel where it counts and engineering focused on the long term. Mast/Integrated Side Shift Unstable loads reduce operator confidence and can lead to damage. Crown uses nested I­ beam masts to minimise longitudinal, lateral and torsional flexibility. Reliability...

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Forklift SC 6000 - 5

Safety. Work from a position of strength. Lighting Options Long-life LED lights make a dramatic difference in productivity and performance. On the SC 6000 Series, you have a range of lighting options for both inside and outside applications. They’re designed to help operators see more clearly, and to make the truck more visible to others. Ramps, uneven surfaces, racking, product variations and traffic present an ever­ changing environment with risk of injury and damage. That’s why Crown created the Intrinsic Stability System. It’s a proactive approach to stability and control that doesn’t...

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Forklift SC 6000 - 6

Serviceability. Benefits of a long-running outlook. Battery Service Solved Crown offers top battery access, plus lift-out and side-out options. Our unique battery transfer system (BTS 1000) allows one person to quickly change batteries. The results are minimal downtime, fewer handling restrictions and less expense. Battery Health Monitor is an option for the InfoLink® fleet management system. It provides valuable insight to help you manage cost and extend battery life. Features such as historical tracking, charging history and throughput current, battery queuing and water/temperature...

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Forklift SC 6000 - 7

Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG Philipp-Hauck-Str. 12 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany Tel +49(0)89-93002-0 Fax +49(0)89-93002-133 Because Crown is continually improving its products, specifications are subject to change without notice. Crown, the colour beige, the Momentum symbol, Access 123, InfoLink, InfoPoint, Integrity Service System are trademarks of Crown Equipment Corporation. Printed on elemental chlorine free and sustainably forested paper. Pantone 424 Pantone 370 Copyright 2015 Crown Equipment Corporation SC 6000 BROCH GB 03/16, 10 – M01432-006-01 Printed in Germany

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