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Double Stacker DT 3000


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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 2

Engineered to do more. Substantially more. The Crown DT 3000 Series lets you easily double up pallet loads. The advantages stack up with double-deck lorries. You save shipping costs, valuable dock and oor space, and with the DT 3000, much more.

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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 3

On a test course featuring typical functions of a double stack operation, the Crown DT 3000 Series moved 25 percent more double pallet loads. Crown’s intelligent Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control is the key. It uses a closed-loop sensor system to monitor factors which can inuence stability and control. These include travel speed, steering angle, fork and initial lift height, load on the forks and initial lift, platform and side restraint position, and whether the truck is accelerating, travelling or braking. The Access 1 2 3 system uses this data to optimise travel speed and drive...

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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 4

Drive uptime. Patented weight-adjustable FlexRide™ – optional on the rear entry platform – provides ultimate rider comfort by tuning the suspension for the operator’s body weight. The sturdy mast features nested I-beam construction. A robust steel battery cover features storage for tools and a hinged, lift-off design for easy access. Hydraulic system responds instantly and proportionally to operator commends for fast, precise positioning of forks and loads. Initial-lift cylinders on each side reduce stress and wear on lift linkage while improving handling, especially on off-centre loads....

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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 5

Optional electronic steering, complemented by intuitive controls of the X10 Handle, signicantly reduces the effort required to handle heavy loads and offers higher travel speeds compared to mechanical steering. Operators work congested areas faster and easier with the DT 3000 Series, due to its folding platform, precise controls, fork tip visibility and slim chassis that is narrower than a Euro pallet. The die cast aluminium X10® Handle adds to the durable design and ensures smooth, precise pallet positioning with proportional lift and lowering. Heavy-duty side restraints engineered for...

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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 6

The Crown DT 3000 Series far exceeds typical expectations for double stacker pallet trucks in terms of productivity, control and durability. Rider trucks are available with folding, side-entry or rear-entry platforms and speeds up to 12.5 km/h. For dedicated pedestrian use, congure it without the platform. Whichever conguration suits your application, you get the durability of a heavy-duty double stacker with 2000 kg capacity. Without Platform You can congure the same durable truck without the platform for r dedicated pedestrian use. se. Folding Platform Crown’s exclusive fold-up ld-up...

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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 7

This rugged double stacker features advanced engineering for unmatched throughput, control and durability. Double up your advantages with the Crown DT 3000 Series. Active Traction with electronic steering features innovative electronics and hydraulics that vary pressure on the drive tyre depending on load distribution, speed, acceleration and braking.

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Double Stacker DT 3000 - 8

Pick up the pace. The DT 3000 Series stacks one feature on another to keep the operator engaged when it comes to productivity. It’s clearly the active-operator stacker. The operator compartment makes comfort, safety and productivity a priority with its easy-to-reach controls, visibility to the display and many ergonomic features. Crown’s quick-exit side restraints (patent pending) swing up, allowing the operator to step off the side of the truck to save steps and time. Work Assist® accessories add another level of productivity, comfort and safety for the task at hand. Excellent visibility...

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