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AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES AUTO FENCE AUTO POSITIONING SYSTEM TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Description Crown’s Automation Technologies, available on TSP 6000, 6500 and 7000, communicate with floor installed RFID tags to pinpoint the location of the truck in the facility and adjust its operation as defined by the programme. Auto Fence can be used to control truck operation near a hazard or where greater caution is required. This consistent application of safe operating rules can reduce the risk of damage or injury. Auto Positioning System can increase productivity by automating travel and lift functions for the most efficient path between the truck and its destination. The resulting improvement in productivity can reach as high as 25%. Products and Features Auto Fence Auto Fence is a programmable “virtual fence” that can be used to control truck operation. Areas within an aisle are catalogued in the system according to allowable lift height, travel speed and other factors. The truck continuously monitors its exact location and the system implements any programmed restrictions or controls. Examples include: • Automatic height restriction - the allowed lift height can be restricted to prevent hitting an overhead obstruction or changing ceiling heights within specific areas Automatic speed restriction – the allowable speed of the truck can be restricted in specific areas such as end of aisle, intersecting aisles or where floor flatness is less than ideal for the rack running

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AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES AUTO FENCE AUTO POSITIONING SYSTEM TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Products and Features Auto Positioning System This navigation system allows the operator to complete a task operation with just one control handle movement. Upon receiving a task destination, either by manual entry or directly from a Warehouse Management System, the truck travels and elevates to the exact pallet location in the most time-efficient motion. This ensures optimal productivity and correct slot locating regardless of operator experience or skill level. Automation Technologies SPEC GB 02/16

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