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Stainless Steel Taper Bushes Grade 304 Stainless Te l Taper bushes provide a low cost, simple, quick method of securing sprocket, pulleys and couplings to a wide range of standard metric and imperial dimensioned shafts of general commercial tolerances and finish. The taper surfaces on the bush and mating hub are driven together by high tensile screws, causing the split bush to be firmly contracted onto the shaft. The strong clamping force which can be achieved enables transmission of high torque without the problems of fretting associated with simple keyseated drives. The design ensures quick, easy installation of sprockets and pulleys onto shafts with simple positioning for alignment. Positive jacking-off of the bush during removal ensures quick disassembly without normal problems of seizure between shaft and pulley. The standard bushes shown opposite are suitable for taper bore pulleys. Bush Dimensions Metric Bore Bushes Bush Dimensions Length mm Bore sizes available mm Larger bush sizes available to special order. All Cross + Morse Stainless Steel Bushes are supplied complete with stainless steel locking screws. Keyway Inches Bore sizes available inches Imperial Bore Sizes

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Stainless Steel Taper Bushes Grade 304 Stainless Te l Instructions - Installation and Removal Remove protective coating from the bore and outside bush, and bore of hub. After ensuring the mating tapered surfaces are completely clean, insert bush in hub so that holes line up. Oil thread and point of grub screws, or thread and under head of cap screws. Place screws loosely in holes threaded in hub, shown thus in diagram. Slacken all screws by several turns, remove one or two according to number of jacking off holes thus in diagram. Insert screws in jacking off holes after oiling thread and...

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