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2 Stainless Steel Chains Power Transmission Solution Te l Cross+Morse SS - Stainless Steel chain has been designed with a higher allowable load than other makes of stainless steel chain and is suitable for use in the most demanding applications. Where WATER, ACIDS, +44 121 360 0155 ALKALIS, CHEMICALS, HIGH HUMIDITY AND EXTREMES OF TEMPERATURE are encountered - conditions potentially destructive to ordinary transmission chain, SS chain provides the answer. SS chain completely overcomes corrosion and wear problems normally encountered with standard chain used in such harsh conditions....

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Stainless Steel and Treated Steel Chains Stainless Steel Chain is used in a wide variety of applications in the Food, Beverage, Packaging and Pharmaceutical Industries. For many other applications, plated chains and standard chain with chemical surface treatment provides the corrosion resistance required at a lower cost. Cross+Morse offer alternative chains, as below. Attachment chains can also be supplied. Nickel Plated Electroless nickel plating is applied to standard carbon steel chain, offering protection to surfaces where mild corrosion is likely. The plated chain retains all the...

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Stainless Steel Chains The standard series of Stainless Steel Chains are manufactured in 304 (18 - 8) Nickel Chrome Steels. The chains are suitable for use in corrosive environments up to 500°C. They are well suited to the high moisture, elevated temperature conditions found in many food preparations, and equally the sub-zero temperatures encountered in Standard attachments are available from stock for British Standard Chains, and can be provided to order for the American Standard (ANSI) Chains. SS ANSI Standard - SS BS Standard BS Series Duplex Chains American Standard Simplex Chains...

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British Standard Stainless Steel Roller Chain Attachments The attachments below are available on 72 hour service built into the base roller chain at spacings to suit the application, K & M attachments can be fitted to only one side of the chain or both sides (as illustrated). Attachments of different types can be fitted in one chain assembly. In addition to these standard attachments, specials to suit customers' specific requirements can be supplied. Attachments can be assembled into Duplex and Triplex Chains, as well as standard Simplex. Nickel Plated chains can also be supplied to order....

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Standard Stainless Steel Sprockets for 3/8" to 1" Pitch British Standard Chains Types 06B-1 to 16B-1 A standard stock range of sprockets manufactured from Stainless Steel type ANSI 304L for maximum corrosion resistance. These sprockets are suitable for corrosive environments, including the high temperature and moisture conditions found in many food processing and packaging operations, and will also withstand many alkaline and acidic fluids at elevated temperatures. The sprockets are suitable to use with either stainless steel chains or plated chain. Sprocket Data Chain No. I Tooth Width...

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7 Quality assurance CUSTOMER SERVICE TECHNICAL SUPPORT at all stages of We are committed to Resources include full manufacturing providing customers the technical support from our coupled with highest levels of service. team of engineers, skilled in In practice .. you receive the all aspects of precision design ensures product - to schedule - manufacture. Our CAD-based lifetime service to assured quality - correct design operation will assist in quality - at a competitive cost. design and help ensure inherent good efficiency and economy ISO 9001 : 2000 through specification. SPECIALIST...

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Power Transmission Solutions throughout • Original Equipment Manufacture • Food Processing • Pharmaceutical Processing • Agricultural Equipment • Packaging Equipment • Energy Industries • General Engineering APPLICATION EXPERTISE With a depth of engineering expertise, developed by working in partnership with our customers, we are able to provide specialist support in areas of power transmission critical to your manufacturing, production and workflow. At Cross+Morse, intelligent, customer-focussed support does not carry a premium and is considered an essential ISO 9001 : 2000 element in the...

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