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Morse Torque Limiters Torque Limiters & Couplings The Morse Torque Limiter is a protective device that LIMITS TORQUE transmitted in a drive system by slipping when the torque demand exceeds a preset value as a result of shock loads, overloads, or machine jams. It automatically re-engages when the overload torque has passed; no re-setting is required. It prevents machine damage and eliminates costly breakdown time. The Torque Limiter utilises spring loaded friction surfaces for its operation; slip torque is preset by adjustment of the spring force. The Torque Limiter can be used with a...

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Crossgard Overload Clutches The Crossgard series of overload protection clutches all use sprung loaded balls locked in detents to provide drive and overload control. The balls are random positioned in the clutch so drive can only be engaged in one relative angular position between driver and driven shafts, so ensuring synchronisation of the drive at all times. In the event of an overload the balls are driven out of their detents to release the torque, and cause movement of the pressure plate which can be used to actuate a limit switch or proximity sensor to isolate the drive. All units are...

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Sheargard Overload Clutches Sheargard Overload Clutches For over a century it has been recognised that shearpin units offer a simple, low cost method of protection for high torque overload applications, but the original conventional design had a number of drawbacks. These limitations of the original concept are eliminated with the modem day Sheargard Overload Qutch using the unique 'Howden' wedge pin. Mounting the pins on the periphery of the clutch enables easy replacement in the event of an overload, and the wedge design ensures tight fitting of the shearing elements to avoid fretting...

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