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‘L’ Series Jaw Couplings Simple, economical design - fully interchangeable with industry standards. Te l : + 4 4 1 2 1 3 6 0 0 1 5 5 Cross has expanded its comprehensive family of quality industrial couplings to include the Type ‘C’ Jaw...offering a uniquely simple design combined with misalignment capability and maximum economy. ‘L’ coupling contain only three components...two jaws and one ‘spider’ insert. Power is transmitted between the jaw halves by the insert, which is offered in a choice of four materials to suit all the application characteristics and horsepower requirements. All sizes are dimensionally interchangeable with industry standards, making replacement in existing installations easy and economical. Type ‘L’ Jaw Couplings are designed for light to medium duty applications up to 112 Kw at 1500 rpm, and are available for shaft sizes from 1/8” (3.2mm) to 60mm. ‘L’ Series Couplings offer a choice of 4 insert types for maximum versatility. Buna-N Morse Type ‘L’ Jaw Couplings are designed for applications in the light-to-medium duty range, with capacities and performance characteristics depending on the type of insert used. For maximum versatility in selection, Morse offers four different insert materials to suit the application. This is the standard flexible insert material in Type ‘L’ Jaw Couplings, serving the majority of applications. The materials is an oil resistant rubber compound with excellent flexibility and shock absorption; temperature range is –40˚C to +100˚C. Urethane The urethane insert offers approximately 50% greater torque capacity, than standard Buna-N, and in addition provides good chemical resistance. Temperature is –35˚C to 70˚C. Bronze (Only used in ‘L’ Series) This insert is intended exclusively for high torque, low speed applications, up to 250 rpm only. Capacities are three times those of standard Buna-N. The material offers excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and extreme temperatures –40˚C to +230˚C. Performance Characteristics of Inserts Material Shock Absorption Chemical Resistance Angular Misalignment Parallel Misalignment Misalignment Capability - Simplified Installation and Maintenance Since power is transmitted between the two halves of the Type ‘L’ Jaw coupling by the resilient insert, it is not necessary to have perfect alignment between shafts. The elastomeric design permits angular misalignments up to 1˚ (1/2˚ for Hytrel and Bronze) and parallel misalignment up to 0.4mm, greatly simplifying installation in all types of industrial applications. Maintenance is minimal; the insert can be visually inspected, never needs lubrication, and in fact, the coupling can continue to transmit power even if the elastomeric insert becomes severely damaged or destroyed - minimising downtime and increasing reliability. Email: sales@crossmorse.com This tough flexible plastic material provides still greater torque capacity, approximately three times that of standard Buna-N, and superior temperature resistance with a range of –50˚C to +120˚C. Oil and chemical resistance are excellent. Insert Selection

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‘L’ Series Jaw Couplings ‘L’ Series Couplings use Sintered Iron Jaws for maximum strength & flexibility of bore size. Dimensions (mm) Coupling Half Type Hytrel is a registered trademark of E.I. Dupont Nermours & Co. kW Power Ratings ‘L’ Series Couplings Refer to page 2 for standard selection procedure. Coupling Size Coupling Size HYTREL® & BRONZE* Email: sales@crossmorse.com Insert Material *Note couplings with bronze inserts are limited to 250 rpm.

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