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Cross CS Overload Shaft ings CS Standard Series Couplings For shaft to shaft connection CS Standard series clutches are available with an elastomeric coupling for all the sizes and modes of operation, simple overload, synchronous overload, or safe lift and total dis-engagement. The elastomeric Coupling permits up to 1/2 degree angular misalignment, with 0.3mm radial and a maximum of 0.5mm axial. The rubber element absorbs peak shocks, providing greater accuracy in overload protection. Up to five torque ranges are available on each size of clutch, controlled by selection of the actuating spring set, providing a wide range of torque capacities to select from. Inertias are provided for each half of the clutch in dis-engaged condition, the hub inertia incorporating all items that revolve free with the hub, and the coupling inertia all those items that stay with the flexible coupling. For details on Limit Switch location and operation refer to page 29. Always use limit switch for long service life. *For clutch Part No. for ordering refer to page 27.

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