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Clamping Elements Type RCK 15 Recommended tolerances for full torque transmission are:Shaft Hub Clamping surfaces to be finished to Rz ≤ 15 µm. Cross & Morse can provide standard Roller Chain Sprockets finish bored to accommodate RCK 15 shaft clamping elements, with ability to fit to either hub or sprocket end. X = Distance required to remove screws, additional clearance for alan key may be required. Surface Pressure Shaft Hub Ps Ph 2 N/mm N/mm2 Clamping Screws Approx. Size Torque Weight Email: *Minimum outside diameter of hubs manufactured in medium carbon steels with yield strength ≥ 320 N/mm . For hub types, and other materials, refer to page 3. For assembly and disassembly instructions refer to page 24. Designed for use with standardised ranges of pulleys, sprockets, and gears, the shaft clamping elements can accommodate a large range of shaft diameters with a hub of constant bore diameter. On clamping precise axial and radial positioning is provided, combined with medium torque transmission capability.

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