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GTM Capsule Filters PTFE Membrane Applications Solvent Filtration Tank Vent Filters GTM capsules are made with highly hydrophobic PTFE membrane. These capsules are designed for use in the filtration of non-aqueous liquids, aggressive solvents, and as compressed gas and vent filters. The capsule media surface area, filter core design, pleat configuration and pleat packing density have been optimized to provide increased life resulting in lower filtration operating costs. Specific applications for GTM capsule filters include filtration of solvents, alcohols and other non-aqueous liquids. The hydrophobic membrane makes it ideal for final filtration of compressed air and process gases, and vent filtration to prevent contaminants from reaching ingredients in tanks. Optimized for maximum filter life Designed for filtration of air and process gases Vent filtration for the protection of tank contents Final filtration of solvents, alcohols and other non-aqueous liquids GTM Capsule Filters - Filtration Area Capsule Length Flow Rate / Filtration Area The following table represents typical air and water flow at a one psi (69 mbar) pressure differential across a single 2 inch capsule with 1.0 ft ² (930 cm²) of media with 1/2” FNPT ports. The liquid test fluid is water at ambient temperature. The gas test fluid is compressed air at ambient temperature. Higher pressure drops are acceptable, but as flows increase the pressure drop of the housing becomes more apparent. Air/Gas Flow Rates Liquid Flow Rates Construction Materials Maximum Operating Parameters Liquid Operational Pressure Filtration Media PTFE Membrane Gases Operational Pressure Media Support Operating Temperature Center Core Outer Support Cage Sealing Method Thermal Bonding Forward Differential Pressure 50 psid (3.4 bard) at 20 °C (68 °F) Reverse Differential Pressure Recommended Changeout Pressure General Service Grade PTFE Membrane

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All Critical Process Filtration capsule filters are designed to meet the FDA requirements for processing food and beverage products. The materials used to construct GTM capsule filters are listed by the FDA as appropriate for use in articles intended for repeated food contact as specified in Title 21 CFR sections 174.5, 177.1500, 177.1520, 177.1630, 177.2440 and 177.2600 as appropriate. Membrane filters comply with Title 21 CFR sections 210.3 (b)(6) and 211.72, for non-fiber releasing filters. All materials used to make the filters are listed in European Commission Regulation EU/10/2011,...

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