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GCWPS Capsule Filters High Capacity PES Membrane Applications Process Water Inks & Dyes Specialty Chemicals GCWPS capsule filters are hydrophilic and manufactured with high capacity polyethersulfone (PES) membrane. The proprietary membrane casting process creates a thick membrane with high dirt holding capacity, excellent retention characteristics and high flow rates. GCWPS capsule filters are used for removal of particulates from process water, DI water, inks, dyes and specialty chemicals. High capacity PES is particularly suited for high flow rate filtration of product streams that contain high contaminant loads and have elements that can adsorb to the media, such as preservatives. The lower binding characteristics of PES membrane make it a good choice for inks, dyes, specialty chemicals and service fluids. Excellent flow rates with excellent retention characteristics Remove particulates from process water, DI water, inks, dyes, specialty chemicals Protect processes by removing organic contaminants from water, CIP solutions Low product adsorption GCWPS Capsule Filters - Filtration Area High Capacity PES Membrane Flow Rate / Filtration Area The following table represents typical water flow at a one psi (69 mbar) pressure differential across a single 2 inch capsule with 1.0 ft² (930 cm²) of media with 1/2” FNPT ports. The test fluid is water at ambient temperature. Higher pressure drops are acceptable, but as flows increase the pressure drop of the housing becomes more apparent. 0.22 μm Pore Size * For approximate flow rates for 5” through 30” capsules, refer to the appropriate cartridge data sheet Construction Materials Maximum Operating Parameters Liquid Operational Pressure Filtration Media High Capacity Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Gases Operational Pressure Operating Temperature Media Support Forward Differential Pressure 50 psid (3.4 bard) at 20 °C (68 °F) Center Core Reverse Differential Pressure Outer Support Cage Sealing Method Thermal Bonding Recommended Changeout Pressure General Service Grade Capsule Length

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Quality Assurance and Standards Critical Process Filtration uses state of the art computer controlled equipment to consistently produce high quality products as well as significantly reduce hand operations that can compromise quality. All manufacturing and testing is continuously monitored in real time so that data can be quickly and easily analyzed to facilitate improvements in both quality and cost. All Critical Process Filtration capsule filters are designed to meet the FDA requirements for processing food and beverage products. The materials used to construct GCWPS capsule filters are...

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