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CSH Series Filter Housings Single Cartridge Sanitary Housings (Inline & T-Style) CSH single cartridge sanitary housings are available in T-style or Inline configurations and offered in lengths from 5 through 40 inches. The standard sanitary clamp is a proven design for high purity beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The housings are manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel with a 15 RA internal finish. All CSH housings are provided with 226 style cartridge adaptors allowing a positive locking seal. This gives users the flexibility to use different cartridge lengths in one housing, maximizing filter performance and reducing cost. CSH housings have no internal threaded parts that come in contact with the process fluid. All standard seals are food grade silicone gaskets. A 1” sanitary gauge port is also standard, as are 1/2” sanitary vent and drain ferrules. Each vent and drain port is standard with solid cap, silicone gasket and clamp. Vent & Drain Twist Valve Option Maximum Operating Parameters Total Performance Critical Process Filtration, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of filtration products to industries in which filtration is considered a critical part of the manufacturing process. We supply a complete line of products and services to help you cost effectively satisfy all your filtration requirements from a single source. Standard Specifications This is to give you an overview of our standard product, please see options on reverse with ordering information. Nominal Cartridge Length Standard Inlet/Outlet Gauge Ports Mounting Legs Cartridge Seal 2-226 / Tabs Cartridge Filter Housings Number Round

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For planning purposes. Complete and detailed line drawings are available upon request. Please contact Critical Process Filtration with the model number for the appropriate drawing. CSH Single Cartridge Inline Housings Model CSH Single Cartridge T-Style Housings Nominal Cartridge Nominal Cartridge Inlet to Outlet Length (C) Ordering Information The housing catalog number is made up of several variable characters i.e. housing style, length, cartridge style, gasket material and others below. For example: Sanitary Filter Housing, Single Round, for 30” filter Cartridge Length, Clamp Closure,...

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