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Led light Catalog - 2

Cree® LED Lighting True Innovation, Superior Value Indoor Product Overview Indoor Applications Indoor Technologies Essentia® Series Recessed Essentia® Series Surface Cylinder Cree Edge™ Series High Output Cree Edge™ Series CR Series Light Engine Cree SmartCast™ Technology Lutron EcoSystem® Enabled

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Led light Catalog - 3

Outdoor LED Products Outdoor Product Overview Outdoor Applications Outdoor Technologies Cree Edge™ Series Cree Edge™ Series Pole Cree Edge™ Series Pathway LEDway® Series High Output Cree Edge™ Series LEDway® Series LEDway SLM® Series Cree Edge™ Series XSP Series Wall Pack LED DECORATIVE STREET & ROADWAY Cree Edge™ Series Cree Quick Ship Program Overview and Guidelines

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Led light Catalog - 4

True Innovation, Superior Value Innovation — it’s what drives everything we do. Cree's leadership begins with innovative materials that provide high-efficiency performance for each lamp and luminaire found within our product portfolio. With over a quarter century of experience, Cree has a deep understanding of the science behind LED lighting and provides a complete collection of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions to match your application. With a large installation base of our flagship LED downlights and our industryleading LED roadway lighting fixtures installed around the globe,...

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Led light Catalog - 5

Proven, Revolutionary Technology As the leading fully-integrated innovator of LED chips, components and complete lighting systems, Cree is continuously advancing our state-of-the-art LED lighting products to provide energy-efficient lighting that will look and operate as expected for years to come. Cree TrueWhite® Technology NanoOptic® Technology Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, only Cree® LED fixtures can deliver our exclusive combination of industryl ­eading efficacy (up to 130 lumens per watt), 90+ CRI and consistent warm or cool color temperatures. Available in more than 20...

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Led light Catalog - 6

A Total Systems Approach Our total systems approach is a comprehensive engineering philosophy that combines the most advanced LED sources, driver technologies, optics and form into each product. The result is highly-reliable luminaire solutions for both indoor and outdoor that reduce energy consumption, extend lifetimes and maximize illumination performance and quality. Specialized Optics Modular Design Inside every Cree® luminaire are top-quality Cree® LEDs, made from the finest materials and grown by experts in our very own labs. With over one billion hours of reliable LED operation...

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Led light Catalog - 7

Progressive Product Development As technology leaders, we are continuously advancing our state-of-the-art LED lighting systems to gain the highest efficiency and quality light from our luminaires. Dynamic R&D focuses on maximizing efficiency in every part of the luminaire, while Cree world-class engineering, highly experienced manufacturing teams and overall operational excellence combine to produce our distinctive top- performing LED lighting products. Thermal Management Reliable and Optimized Drivers Style and Performance Excellent thermal management contributes The drivers utilized in...

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Led light Catalog - 8

Benefits at Every Turn Cree is the originator of today’s LED lighting technology and is 100 percent committed to the continued advancement of solid state lighting. From growing our patented Silicon Carbide (SiC) materials, to developing the components, to manufacturing complete lighting systems, our entire portfolio benefits from Cree’s unrelenting pursuit of developing the most advanced LED lighting available. Proven Quality & Performance Ultra-Efficient Lighting Lifetime Energy Savings A leading innovator of LED chips, components and lighting, Cree has over a quarter century of experience...

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Led light Catalog - 9

Reduced Maintenance Costs Easy Installation & Upgrading Long-Term Financial Benefits Maintenance cost savings is one of the major The products found in this catalog have Cree offers some of the most energy-efficient benefits realized when making the switch all been designed with ease of installation and long-lasting LED lighting in the industry. to LED lighting. Designed for extended life, in mind. From the standard Edison bases This translates to financial savings through Cree8 LED lamps and luminaires will last found on the lamps to the traditional reduced operational costs and less money...

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Led light Catalog - 10

Essentia® Surface Cylinder A Solution for Every Application, Every Setting We set the bar high, using only the best technologies and materials. With an uncompromising focus on the high-quality light that your spaces deserve and the payback you demand, we have a solution for any proj­ ct — whatever the e application, whatever the budget. Cree® LED downlights deliver beautiful ambient lighting and valuable energy savings to elevate the look of your space along with your financial benefits. Cree® LED lamps deliver long-lasting, high-impact lighting to focus attention where you need it while...

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Led light Catalog - 11

Cree EdgeTM Area Round

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Led light Catalog - 12

Indoor LED Products Cree is committed to delivering the best solutions on the market, inspired by the needs of our customers and perfected by the knowledge and expertise of our engineers. We recognize the importance of beautiful energy-efficient lighting and aspire to improve every business with uncompromising performance and payback. LED ARCHITECTURAL DOWNLIGHTS Essentia® Series Recessed Round / Recessed Square p.18 Essentia® Series Surface Cylinder p.20 LED TROFFERS AR Series Troffers AR24™ / AR22™ p.36 LED TROFFERS ZR Series Troffers ZR24™ / ZR14™ / ZR22™ p.44 LED UPGRADE SOLUTIONS UR...

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Led light Catalog - 13

Cree EdgeTM Series High Output Cree Edge™ HO High Bay p.60 304 Series™ 304 Series™ Interior p.64 Cree EdgeTM Series Cree Edge™ Interior Round p.66 LED LAMPS & ACCENTS LBR Series LBR-30™ p.70 OL Series™ OL Series™ Linear p.82 LED CONTROLS Cree SmartCast™ Technology p.86 Lutron EcoSystem® Enabled p.88

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