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LED Lamps - 1

Lighting for Style and Sustainability

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LED Lamps - 3

The environment is rich with natural color. Color that defines our world and makes it extraordinary. Color that fuels expression and inspires brilliance. Bring the appeal of true color inside —into your own space, with Cree® innovation and true craftsmanship. TABLE OF CONTENTS Cree TrueWhite® Technology Superior Color Rendering Sustainable Returns Revolutionary Design Advanced Optics Lamp Applications Product Specifications

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LED Lamps - 4

Where Artistry & Engineering Blend to Reveal Natural, Beautiful Color

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LED Lamps - 5

Thermal Control Materials & LEDs Advanced heat sink and heat piping technologies are integrated to maximize the cooling effectiveness of each lamp, making their high performance and longevity possible. Inside each lamp are high-grade An electronic feedback system is integrated into every lamp to enable active color management. High-efficiency drivers are also incorporated to help maximize energy savings. Individually optimized optics are designed for both visual appeal and precise control in order to maximize photometric performance, aesthetics and color rendering all at once. Cree LEDs,...

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LED Lamps - 7

Proven Performance, Revolutionary Technology Powered by Cree TrueWhite ® Technology, only Cree LED lamps can deliver our exclusive combination of 92+ CRI light, industry-leading efficacy and consistent, warm halogen-like color characteristics. Since the introduction of our very first downlight, the Cree TrueWhite® Technology advantage has come from mixing the light from red and Cree unsaturated yellow LEDs—among the highest-performing LEDs on the market. With the introduction of our LED lamp collection, we’ve now advanced this patented approach further with a revolutionary multi-chip LED...

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LED Lamps - 8

Unmatched Color Rendering Color is a powerful element in every space. It establishes the tone and personality of our homes and businesses. It not only shapes our moods, it can influence our buying decisions and enhance our ability to learn and interact. People are naturally drawn to rich colors. Vibrant shades of fruit and produce reveal their freshness. Our own natural skin tones reveal our health and facilitate better human interaction. Colorful settings appeal to our senses, engaging students, shoppers and employees alike. In these ways, the color rendering property of light plays a...

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LED Lamps - 9

LIKE HALOGEN, BUT BETTER The Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) curves shown here provide a great way to compare the color characteristics of Cree TrueWhite® Technology with traditional technologies. At each point across the visible color spectrum, the height of the SPD curve correlates with how accurately that color is rendered by the light source. The fuller, more continuous curve of Cree TrueWhite® Technology enables our LED lamps to precisely render a much larger color set than CFLs. The similarities in the Cree TrueWhite® Technology and incandescent SPD curves also give our lamps their...

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LED Lamps - 10

Sustainable Return on Investment Now is the time to lead by example with sustainable building practices that improve not only your business, but our world as well. Cree LED lamps offer significant energy and maintenance savings compared to traditional lighting, helping you create both environmentally and economically sustainable spaces. Improve Your Business. While Improving Our World. OPERATIONAL SAVINGS ENERGY STAR® Installing energy-efficient, longlasting Cree LED lamps not only shows that your business is environmentally conscious, it also offers valuable financial benefits in the form...

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LED Lamps - 12

QUALITY COMPONENTS Seamless Form and Function ■ Durable Die-Cast Aluminum Cree LED lamps combine numerous technical innovations, including breakthroughs ' |r|jection-Molded Optics in optical design, electronics, mechanical design and thermal management to deliver ' High-Grade Cree LEDs industry-leading performance and light quality. INTELLIGENT ELECTRONICS ■ Integral, High-Efficiency Driver ■ Enables Continuous Dimming ■ Optimized, Lamp-Specific Design EFFECTIVE THERMALS Helps Maximize Cooling Effectiveness to Optimize Performance

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LED Lamps - 13

· Smooth Light Patterns · Exceptional Optical Control · Multiple Beam Angles Cree TrueWhite® Technology · Unrivaled 92+ CRI and 70 LPW · Warm, Halogen-like Color · Lifetime Color Consistency

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LED Lamps - 15

Inspired by Your Needs Soft Accents or Dramatic Highlights The Cree philosophy of customer-driven innovation has resulted in new ground-breaking LED optics that offer beautiful, high-impact illumination for every lamp application. With a wide variety of beams to choose from, Cree LED lamps open up the possibilities for creative lighting expression, providing the perfect amount of visual interest with varying degrees of dramatic effect. Beneath a semi-transparent A precisely-formed specular Injection molded total internal With a single LED source and an diffusing lens, the LBR-30 lamp has...

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LED Lamps - 16

Inspired by Your Needs Beautiful Color in Every Setting At Cree, we understand the importance of quality lighting and operational savings in every business. From a dramatic retail display to a softly lit art gallery, our LED lamps are designed to meet the unique needs of each lighting application. With this, Cree is committed to delivering the high-quality light that our customers’ spaces deserve and the payback they demand. Preserve Your Artistic Intentions. Exceed Customer Expectations. Reveal Your Freshest Colors. Enhance Dining Experiences. With industry-leading color rendering and...

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LED Lamps - 19

Create BetterLooking Exhibits and Lower Your Operating Costs. Cree LED lamps deliver an impressive mix of performance, aesthetics and savings to museum settings. Exceptional color rendering and visually-pleasing designs help focus attention on displays while blending in with exhibit elements. With improved efficacy and longevity, our lamps can also significantly lower monthly energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional light sources. Estimated Total Savings and Payback* Application Example: Permanent Museum Exhibit In the example to the right, replacing the existing 100 65W BR30...

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