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CS Series - 1

CS Series LED Linear Luminaire

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CS Series - 2

Built for Performance, Designed to Impress.

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CS Series - 3

FAST INSTALL, Faster Payback Look & Quality Innovative technology and incredibly efficient luminaire design give the high-efficacy CS Series its unmatched performance combination of 90 CRI and minimum L85 at 75,000 hours. A lightweight, intuitive design minimizes installation time for upfront savings that speed up payback, while the CS Series’ longevity can virtually eliminate costly high-ceiling maintenance year after year. In addition to beautiful light quality, the CS Series’ appeal is heightened by a stylish open design, which transforms the heat sink into a sleek aesthetic element that...

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CS Series - 4

PROVEN PERFORMANCE, REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY Cree TrueWhite® Technology Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, the CS Series delivers an exclusive combination of 90 CRI and lifetime color consistency. Our quality advantage begins by mixing the light from red and Cree® unsaturated yellow LEDs, among the highestperforming and most efficient LEDs on the market. Once built, every CS Series LED linear luminaire is then precisely color-tuned for the utmost consistency. The result is beautiful white light with superior color accuracy using significantly less power—a true no-compromise solution for...

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CS Series - 5

Cree MicroMixing™ Optics The CS Series LED linear luminaire uses a highly-efficient optical design approach that integrates an upward-facing LED light strip with Cree TrueWhite® Technology and an ultralightweight upper reflector featuring all-new Cree MicroMixing™ Optics. Cree MicroMixing™ Optics are formed from thousands of tiny impressions imprinted on the state-of-the-art, highly-reflective polymer material. Together, these individual optics form a complex multi-faceted pattern that blends and softens the intense direct light from the light source and then redirects it into the space...

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CS Series - 6

The Best of Everything. From our brightest LED chips to our most advanced optics and luminaire design, Cree breakthrough innovations exist throughout the CS Series luminaire. This integrated approach brings architectural aesthetics, rugged mechanics and optimal performance all together in one complete solution. CREE MICROMIXING™ OPTICS · Soft, Comfortable Light · Perfectly Blended White Light · Precise Optical Control INTEGRAL THROUGH-WIRING · Minimize Branch-Circuit Wiring · Easy Access to Wiring Compartment · Quick-Connect Plug Connectors

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CS Series - 7

LIGHTWEIGHT, VERSATILE DESIGN · Suspended or Surface Mount · Easy Continuous Row Installations · Quick & Easy Upgrade NEXT-GENERATION DRIVER · High Power, High Efficacy · 0-10V Dimming Standard · Highly Cost-Effective OPEN-AIR HEAT SINK DESIGN · Extended Life, Higher Performance · Stylish Architectural Aesthetic · Softer, Indirect Light CREE TRUEWHITE® TECHNOLOGY · High CRI & High Efficacy · Beautiful Light Characteristics · Lifetime Color Consistency

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CS Series - 8

Architectural Design and Light Quality. Hardworking Form and Function. The CS Series LED linear luminaire delivers up to 8200 lumens of exceptional 90 CRI light in either a 4’ or 8’ length. With a rated lifetime of up to 75,000 hours (L85), the CS Series not only delivers beautiful, high-quality light and big energy savings, it also drives faster payback PERFORMANCE SUMMARY CS18TM 1’ x 8’ LED Linear Luminaire CS18-82L HE (High Efficacy) • 8200 lumens 72W • 75,000 hours / 10-year warranty CS18-80L HE (High Efficacy) • 8000 lumens 73W • 75,000 hours / 10-year warranty All CS Series fixtures...

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CS Series - 9

Design Features CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS • High-strength, lightweight polymer forms the reflector and driver housing to provide maximum durability with minimal weight. • angers are provided for surface or suspended installation H and move freely along the fixture to accommodate existing mounting points, simplifying field installation for upgrade projects. Mounting accessories sold separately. LUMEN MAINTENANCE FACTORS The CS Series is designed to last a minimum of L85 at 75,000 hours with the high-efficacy options and L88 at 50,000 hours base options. CS18-80L HE / CS14-40L HE Operating...

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CS Series - 10

America's Leading The CS Series is a modern lighting system that gives businesses the freedom to light their space exactly as they choose. This system is built on innovative thinking and revolutionary technology that reflect America's pioneering spirit. How fitting, then, that it was designed and assembled right here in the U.S. by Cree, America's leading innovator of LED lighting. Join the LED Lighting Revolution. Visit WWW.Cree.COm/lighting or contact a Cree lighting representative to learn more. © 2013 Cree, Inc. All rights reserved. For informational purposes only. Not a warranty or...

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