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CreatorOptics Fused Silica Windows, UV, Corning 7980, JGS1

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Fused Silica Windows Optical fused silica is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and is irreplaceable for other optical materials. It has good UV transmittance performance, visible and near-infrared light absorption rate is very low, is the production of optical window material of choice. The thermal expansion coefficient is very small, the chemical stability is good, the birefringence can be comparable with the ordinary optical glass. Therefore, it is an optical material necessary for high stability optical systems when working in a variety of harsh environments. • UVfused silica, JGS1, Corning 7980 • IR grade fused silica, JGS2, JGS3 • Circular / Round Parallel Plane window • Rectangular / Square Parallel Plane window • Circular or Rectangular Wedge window • Elliptic Parallel Plane Window • Step and Conical Parallel Plane window • Special Cutting Window

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