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CreatorOptics custom Cylindrical Lenses, BK7, UV Fused Silica

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Cylindrical Lenses The Cylindrical lenses are made in forms either plano-convex or plano-concave and rectangular in shape. They focus light along one axis only, forming a straight line from an incident collimatedl light beam. They are used in transforming a point into a line or vice verse. Special shape and size are available on request. • BK7, SF11 and other optical glass • Sapphire, Quartz, Germanium and other optical crystal • Fused silica, Boron silicate glass and other Functional Glass • Circular / Round cylindrical lens • Rectangular / Square cylindrical lens • Special Cutting Dimensions Tolerance of “D” Thickness Tolerance Paraxial Focal Length Chamfer/Bevel Surface Accuracy Surface Quality Clear Aperture Coating Diameter 10 to 150mm, 10x10mm to 150x150mm, customized available +/-0.1mm +/-0.1mm +/-2% 0.25x45°, fine ground 3/1 @633nm 40/20 >85% Anti-reflective coatings, customized available

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