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CreatorOptics Crescent Lens, Meniscus Lens, custom

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Nanjing Creator Optics Co., Ltd. • i reator Optic^ Crescent / Meniscus Lenses (Concave Convex) The Meniscus / Crescent lens has concave-convex spherical polished surfaces. If these meniscus / crescent lenses are used in combination with other components, it is possible the focal length of assembly, without significantly increasing the axial aberrations. These lenses are employed to greatest advantage to they are used to shorten the length the focal length of a doublet or a plano-convex lens already working at an infinite conjugate ratio. The main material of crescent lens are as follows: BK7 glass and all catalog optical glass, Sapphire crystal, Quartz crystal, Germanium (Ge) monocrystal, Silicon monocrystal, ZnSe, Barium Fluoride (BaF2), Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), ZnS, Pyrex, BOROFLOAT, float glass, etc. Specifications/Grade Dimensions Tolerance of “D” Thickness Tolerance Centering Chamfer/Bevel Surface Accuracy Surface Quality Clear Aperture Coating Precise Diameter 3 to 150mm, customized available +/-0.05mm +/-0.05mm <1 arc min. 0.25x45° (no-chips) fine ground 1/0.5 @633nm 40/20, 20/10 >85% Diameter 1 to 300mm, customized available +/-0.1mm +/-0.1mm <3 arc min. 0.25x45°(no-chips) fine ground 3/1 @633nm 60/40 >85% Anti-reflective coatings, customized available

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